Deadly Woolsey Fire in Southern California takes a toll

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Deadly Woolsey Fire in Southern California takes a toll 4.5

Intense and erratic Santa Ana winds have been fueling the Woolsey Fire in Southern California. Hundreds of homes from the hillsides to the coast have been destroyed. CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas reports.

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I hope everything is getting better, bless from china

Author — lei liu


Just watching this from the UK I feel so sad with this it's put tears in my eyes I hope you every one is okay my prayers are with you all ❤

Author — mandy's love for beauty


*Goes to comments section*

"The deep state started the fire with lasers to blame it on climate change"

*loses faith in America's educational system*

Author — Clutchyfinger


sorry to see so many innocent animals died in fire ...

Author — uranus0007


Christmas for these ppl will be pointless sad and very emotional 😢😢😢

Author — Bad Kitty Kitty


God will only help us when we love each other

Author — Touray Abdourahman


I ended this video on a sad note...until I noticed something in the thumbnail, afterwards: the man’s sweater reads, “Lebowski 2020. This Aggression Will Not Stand.”

Author — k p


All the technology and not enough sense of anyone who lives in the country and on ranches and farms

Author — native proud


Everything is going to be alright, , , Allah protect the world from natural disaster...

Author — Wajid Mohd


Poor people poor animals, hold on... 😔😭Russia mourns with you...

Author — Oxana Fragkaki


How tf is that a “forest fire” basically the whole city was on fire and most of the trees werent ... so this was planned in my opinion

Author — Roland Gee


People do come together after disasters. We had it last year with Hurricane Irma, and this year with Florence and Michael. Human nature makes us want to help those who are less fortunate. Gods bless and keep those who survived these horrible fires. I have two cousins in California, and one of my best friends.

Author — Linda Taylor


imagine what smart bombs 💣
Do to countries

Author — Riaz Ahmed


May god bless you and protect you all my heart goes to all the families there 🙏🏼



This is really one of the shockingly heartbreaking stories happening in California's wildfires .some brave men are doing a heroic job there.god bless.

Author — Raouf Ismael


So sorry Jeff for your loss but you will get stronger and bounce back. Also you will be wiser and go where there is no easy burn out land and rebuild.god bless you.

Author — Moomoo dancer


California is being evicted by force . DEW

Author — robofthehood


The more I hear about how people organize together during disasters, the more faith I have in the good-nature of humanity.

Author — Jack pine Savage


Its heart breaking 😑

Praying from india 🤲

Author — stop finding me


How many lessons can be learned to bring changes to the continued high fire risk situation in California?
1. Put power lines underground. Expensive, yes, , but how many billions in losses will come from this fire?
2. Like Trump said, better forest management, cleanup and controlled burns.
3. More neighborhood volunteer fire brigades along with training.
4. Build water tanks up on the crest of hills for quick access to put fires out. Yes they could look odd so paint them forest green to blend in.

What else can be done. Please reply. I’m interested in new ideas.
I’m lucky living near St.Paul as the fire risk is rather low a great majority of the time.
So sad 56 people dead and over 200 missing.

Author — Boyd W