This New Skate Game Is INCREDIBLE! (Session)

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 months ago

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Session is finally here! This is an incredibly realistic skateboarding game that's a ton of fun. Let me know if you want to see more episodes of this game! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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Session is the most rewarding skate sim. The default physics are almost perfect and they actually give you a menu to edit them. Plus the missions give you something to work towards. And the dynamic board wear is just cool.

Author — Chance


Finally! Can't wait to see more! You, Andy, and Brian should play games of skate in Session on each other's channels 😉

Author — Seth Bailen


This is the first game that gives the real feel of actually skating including the frustration. Great purchase for sure.

Author — Cyge 240SX


I sided with skaterxl when the two were in early development. Looks like this game made much more progress since then. Gonna have to pick it up when I can.

Author — Ulrich Van Ballstein


Definitely seems fun. Though something I would miss is the funny shenanigans you can get up to like in skate 3. Tho I think it’s definitely a good look

Author — Legozanman


I recently bought this game...and I ended up getting so mad I chucked my controller onto the floor. Luckily I had a spare...but this game is the definition of hard! But when you master it...its sooo satisfying...Also great video!

Author — KazeShadow


Sam, you could make a series of videos doing the missions and progressing in session

Author — Sal0sicha


this is exactly like skate just modern... i dig it

Author — SlickSpacy


Loved the Session vid! Some of the missions and challenges get crazier! You'll love it!

Author — Otacon510


i love the game and cant wait for more to come

Author — vicfucks


I’m gonna be brutally honest, it’s so expensive and the graphics make up for that, the graphics are perfect but I feel like the controls are so confusing and very difficult I don’t own the game but if there is a way to make the controls like skat 3 controls I’ll play it for days, I’m my opinion skate 3 controls are the best controls for a skateboarding game and I like how simple and straightforward they are. Session+skate 3 controls = perfection

Author — NegativeJV


The 1. Mission got me on the game for 4 hours

Author — Alexander Bern Petersen


Sweet kick flip by the way at the beginning and the end of the video I didn’t like the camra angle when you were skating I want to see you whole character while your skating you should definitely do a part two but where you do tricks that you actually can do in real life and try to make it look cool with the video editor I love you and your vids and I hope you never stop❤ have a good one!!!

Author — Marshall Watkins


Dam the graphics bro it's like heaven love it

Author — jm john marci


"Skateshop meet up" mission is a nightmare!

Author — Drinya


Didn’t even realize I was watching Sam Tabor it’s been forever man !

Author — Elijah Parker


Hi Sam, I’v been a fan of your channel for a while. I know you love VR so I was wondering if you can play gorilla tag, it is basically tag but you move with your arms and it is tag, if your skin is on lava that means you are it and you have to go around the map tagging the people in your game. I hope you play gorilla tag on your VR and have a lovely day. (It’s free) 5th video of asking

Author — Kohen Godard


Finally decided to play the meta skate game? About time 😉 Played when it was still packed with bugs and was still the best imo

Author — VadeWalker


ay, i recommend you turning physics animations on in experimental options
it will make your skater look more realistic

Author — LexaIsDusted


Can you do a pt 2 I loved this video❤❤😊

Author — RxLess Chxpo