Lego Racers PS1 - Caddicarus

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Lego Racers Review. Constructive criticism welcomed. (SEE WHAT I DID?!)

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brought me back to the time back before I was over 99 years old.

Author — BoxyLemons


Drinking Game: Take a shot of MILUK every time your hear LEGO.

Author — Capt. Cam


Legacy caddicarus sounds like he’s his own voice actor in the henry stickmin collection

Author — Swozzle


We need an HD remake of this game, along with an online mode. 

Author — Alex Mauney


Fun fact, I beat the game as a "stupid kid".
Without knowing that Time Trial gave you superpowered bricks for your car.

Author — Crystal Lynx


At the "Am I right?" part of this video, I expected that the game was going to suck. But then there was the opening cutscene, which looked awesome, then the menu, which looked awesome, because of the building of your own vehicle, which is always nice, and then the gameplay, which also looked awesome.

I kinda wish I could have played this game.

Author — Indurok


The beginning reminded me of Salad Fingers.

Author — Davis Lee


the beginning be like : salad fingers is that u

Author — neongamer 1344


This was my first Caddy review.
I've never looked back.

Author — Wahjergah


I hope you got a stunt double to step on that Lego for you.

Author — Nuberax


This game is my entire childhood. I got it for the computer the day I had my first tooth pulled for stupid dentist reasons or something, and I beat the whole game. It almost took me an entire year, but was worth it, I WAS THE GREATEST LEGO RACER EVER!!! Watching that opening cutscene and hearing that music in the menus gives me a warm feeling inside.

Author — Wombat


I love this game! Loved it when I was little and I still love (and play it) as an adult. Even when I little I didn't have trouble with the controls, though. Perhaps it's something to do with the version in the video being for the PSX? I don't know. I've got the PC version and it plays very well on the keyboard. At least I never had issues with it, myself.

Author — Mike Dragon


I'm 17 and i still love LEGO xD
Especially the games ^^

PS I never understood this 6-99 sh*t :D

Author — Vincynical - Shepherd of Serpents


4:01 Luckily, Caddy got protection next time.

Author — Jeff D.


"Constructive" criticism. I get it!

Author — MineBoom


Played this as a kid. My favorite part was when you stay on the menu screen for some time, the Lego character would hit the screen. Made them feel alive. <3

Author — Rena Ami Akai


Oh my fucking god. Me and caddy had the same first car in lego racers. I'm not even kidding.

Author — That Twit Alex


I remember completing this game in my childhood, the old PC disc and when 40 gigabytes was the good system size XD only minor time trials got me struggling through but that time chick was satisfying none the less

Author — Vulturus Midnite


I loved playing this on PC! I would always strive for the final speed power up to warp! Won solo much just spamming that! XD

Author — Orly


SVENSKA. You picked the right language, mate.

Author — Mimmas