Tucker hits back at Avenatti's comments on 'The View'

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Tucker hits back at Avenatti's comments on 'The View' 4
Tucker responds to lawyer Michael Avenatti slamming him as a 'pig' in an appearance on ABC's 'The View' with his client, Stormy Daniels. #Tucker

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So after 8 months let's look at where these two are:
M. Avenatti: going to Jail looking at years in Prison
Tucker Carlson still working at fox and we enjoying his intelligent point of views.
How the proud and Self-Righteous FALL; and the Meak and Righteous STAND.

Author — vrnc M


Avenatti's hatred of Tucker is so obvious and palpable. Tucker really managed to get this guy inflamed.

Author — Timothy Scavo


Still waiting for Trump to sue Stormy Daniels for breaking her NDA on numerous occasions

Author — Shadow Banned


"The lawyer and the porn star" sounds like a tv show, coming soon from Hollywierd !

Author — 120 rain


Lawyer callimg someone a pig. Let that sink in lol

Author — Brian Pecsi


Lol The View BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA A bunch of old hags with no Brains!

Author — blacksheep


"I had like nine questions for you but that was so good I just couldn't stop you." 03:43

Author — Dill Weed


I watched that lady take loads to the face for the last 20 years.

Obviously I should respect her opinions.

Author — Shibby Dibby Doo


stormy Daniel she's very sad and very depressed knowing the creepy I mean her pimp is going to prison for the rest of his life🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — papo papo


“LADIES of the View”? Hahaha. Good joke, Tucker.

Author — Veronica Mascaro


I LOVE the way TUCKER DEBATES. Keep up the Great Work Tucker. I watch you everyday!🔴


Author — jay Calif


they dont call him "Pimp Daddy Avenatti" for nothing

Author — Mike


Isaiah 5:20 "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,
who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for
sweet and sweet for bitter." We're living in that time.

Author — Truthification Chronicles


Going back to the Carlson Avenatti segment, I love it when Tucker loses control and whines, "Slow down!"

Author — Stuart Rice


Fox is obsessed with "The View"

Author — mich Stanvoff


So what kind of Respect do they show towards Stromy Daniel's? Cause it's not alot by the evidence they've shown here...

Author — MrL TLB


Michael "The Pimp" Avenatti 2020

Author — Purple Pepe


Creepy porn lawyer . Perfect name . Thumbs Up

Author — Dave Brown


"If it is what you say I love it." Don jr not talking about abortion.

Author — BF Skinner


Lmfao Stormy taking high ground 🤣 the one who gets money shots fired at her face 💦💦💦

Author — Warthog1976