Why is the CIA Silent about Sahara's Advanced Ancient Civilization?

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is renowned as one of the world's most covert organizations. Established in 1947, it has often found itself at the heart of numerous theories put forward by journalists, investigators, and alternative thought leaders suggesting that the CIA is concealing valuable data about areas such as our ancient history.

Some of these claims have been confirmed, like the CIA's involvement in the transfer of various Nazi Scientists to the US following World War II. However, allegations that they are suppressing information about an advanced ancient civilization that once thrived in the Sahara region of Egypt remain unverified. Is there any credible evidence that suggests the CIA is keeping secrets about an advanced civilization that once prospered in the Sahara Desert of Egypt? In this article, we aim to uncover the truth.

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Our magnificent, magical planet; Full of uncovered facts, secrets and mysteries. Beautiful

Author — @josecolon8143


Any institution such as a 3 letter agency works in the way that if there is no proof to warrant further investigation then they wouldn't get involved. These agencies don't waste time & money on things that don't have something worthwhile to contribute to them. It's as simple as that, if they were involved then there was something very big going on that they were in control of.

Author — @solarfunction1847


... have you every bien there ?
I did: there are nothing but volcanic rocks cross-cutting Precambrian sédiments. (See also phD work by Toronto University).

Author — @user-ok6qh8et6m


I get sucked into the headline all the time. Nothing here.

Author — @mikeg.5233


Sand. Sand and more sand. Sand like you never know existed. Sand made of topaz.Sand made of Diamonds. More and more. More and more. And much much more. A lot lot of mores.

Author — @alexanderevans701


Hmm mention great flood bot don’t mention the obvious connection? Who’s hiding information?

Author — @Bow_down_jorel