New Cardinals pitcher Jordan Montgomery talks about coming to St. Louis

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

The Cardinals acquired Montgomery in a deal with the Yankees for outfielder Harrison Bader. Here's what the lefty had to say about coming to St. Louis.

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Wish him well was a good solid pitcher for the Yankees

Author — Ernest Passaro


He definitely seems a little bummed out with how he went, but I hope he realizes the STL fans will stand by his side and support the hell out of him.

Author — Timber


Monty, thanks for your time in NY.. Also Big Thanks for your win against the Yanks and sticking it in Cashmans backside..Love it.. There's a lot of Yank fans loving the win. Have followed you since seeing you pitch at USC.. GOOD LUCK in St Looooie!!!

Author — OldRockr15


The dude had a 3.5 era in the AL East, he’s going to dominate in the NL central

Author — Tom Lehmann


He is looking great. Especially his 1st win. Very happy for him and I think Harrison will like NY, win win for both teams..Very GLAD to have such a talent. Good job Front Office.

Author — Chas Stone


Best of luck to Monty...A good pitcher and a good guy!

Author — NYSAVVY


We’ll miss u in NY brotha best of luck out there .

Author — Ulysses


He's sad, so get it but he's gonna love it in Stl

Author — S Hernadez


We miss you Jordan. The Yankees should have never traded you.Darlene Waterford NJ

Author — Darlene Luzzi


He’s from the Bill Durham school of baseball cliches

Author — Brian Rouse


Don't change your mind and go back there some of them are still doing that

Author — Jason Atomanczyk


Why is monty on a day to day il he’s ain’t injured

Author — Brendan


I don't get it, reporters are masked and the are sticking their nasty recorders, microphones, and cell phones under his nose.

Author — Randy Simpson


Yankees better send this man a ring if they win the WS

Author — Jake Fulton