Endocrinology - Calcium and Phosphate Regulation

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what would i do in med school without your videos

Author — Zeynep Ece Arslan


You forgot to mention that PTH reduces the reabsorption of phosphate from the proximal tubule of the kidney, which means more phosphate is excreted through the urine!

Author — Adnan Bashi


This video just taught me more in 11 minutes than my lecturer has in like 235 powerpoint slides ur the best

Author — Kdz706


I think its worth mentioning phosphate doesn't need Vitamin D for uptake from the diet. This is part of the reason why in chronic kidney disease, you have low serum calcium but high serum phosphate. The kidney can't make Vitamin D if its diseased, so calcium uptake is not enough, but phosphate can still get across from the intestines into the blood. Cheers Armando you rock by the way : )

Author — About Medicine


I'm studying this stuff and it's great to see it in easy to see pictures and descriptions/words. And you have pretty impressive hand skills!

Author — christopher b


videos like this in youtube became my teachers in online class.. I shouldn't enroll in school 😂.. I should enroll in youtube😂

Author — Aletheia __


Thank you, thank you thank you! You're saving my butt in Endocrinology

Author — Libbie Miller


i had an eyegasm while watching this, also your accent is so good!! tysm for this, i search everywhere for a good video about calcium homeostasis and here i am. tysm for explaining it this way. also, the drawings, i loved them!! thank you thank you

Author — angie


I just love this guys handwriting. It's so regular and consistent.

Author — Partycornchips


You help me pass nursing school! Thank you

Author — Michal Finn


Can you post the final diagram on your website? It would be nice to have the final diagram for reference.

Author — Hannah Helton


your endocrinology videos are second to none, great job!

Author — f b


Thank you thank you thank youuu!!!!💜💜💜💜😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author — Farah Alkhayyat


when he is more of an artist and a scientist combined in one human entity... Respect Boss...

Author — Lange


Thank you so much for the presentation and more importantly having a camera focus on all the drawings and labels at the end of the presentation. It helps a lot

Author — Abraham Kinsman Amoakoh


although my studies are in French but this explanation was very helpful.. Thank U Mr. Armando /big hi from Algeria :)/

Author — sky assil


I just cant tell how happy i m to find ur channel

Author — Himanshu Sisodiya


my english language not good, i hope your video made it, vietsub please !!!!

Author — Phong Mai Nhựt


Came here for Rank Ligand actvt and did a quick review of The 3 hormones!! Thanks a lot! ✊

Author — TIlak Sevak


you are such a lifesaver. this was so clear. cleared a lot of confusion I had on the main hormone that controls bone growth and remodeling. keep up the great work! looking forward to more of your work.

Author — Panashe Chitsike