Tiny bird takes down most expensive fighter jet ever built - BBC

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Tiny bird takes down most expensive fighter jet ever built - BBC 4

The most advanced fighter jet in the world, the F-35B, takes on an unlikely foe during landing. Don't be fooled, this tiny terror causes a massive worry for the team.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is Britain’s biggest ever warship. It took nine years to build her at a cost of £3.5 billion. Nearly 1,500 sailors, marines and aviators have left for a make-or-break four-month deployment on the high seas. This is to forge the brand new ship’s company into an effective fighting force, but their main mission is to test the top secret F-35B Lightning Stealth Fighter – the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world that will give the ship its lethal sting.

Britain's Biggest Warship | Episode 2 | BBC

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Spoiler alert: The jet has no damage and you were clickbaited.

Author — khalid ali


The only thing “brought to it’s knees” is the BBC’s reporting integrity.

Author — Dirty Habitz


BBC: "The F-35 is brought to its knees"
Also BBC: "The F-35 shows no signs of immediate damage"

Author — chriswillb


"Birds are the natural enemy for the aircraft"
Are you sure it isn't the opposite?

Author — Aniruddh


F35 has a bird on the intake: oh nooo why

Su35 has a bird in it's intake: Damitri get the plate WE have dinner

The Russian government: the food on your plate still belongs to the state

Author — Zyruss Aquino


See, ww3 comes around, imma be a pigeon farmer nobody getting close to my house

Author — a mystery


The guy who climbed into the intake has some balls

Author — Korloq


The title needs to be renamed to “bird temporarily grounded a f35”

Author — Mason G


*tiny bird
“I’m about to end this jets whole career”

Author — Based God


That is problem with stealth airplanes, birds cant see them

Author — Darkliff V


“Jet gets jealous of falcon and vaporizes a small bird as a show of intimidation”.

Author — excuZza


Russians when they see a bird land on their aircraft:

Author — Pinoy Boi


Trump: Were requesting a war with that bird.

Congress: Okay Mr.President....

Author — ProudREN1234 YT


The birds were actually recruited by ISIS, It's there last type of anti-aircraft weaponry. Foiled again, next they are sending seagulls then eagles if all else fails.

Author — B Nizzle


US built expensive fighters while Russia trains suicidal birds...

Author — Supreme Leader


Who would win?

the most expensive fighter jet that costs 100 million dollars


one tiny birdy boi

Author — Real Mars


So a more accurate title is “literally nothing happens and this isn’t news”

Author — Corksucker


Bird goes into the lift fan, crew checks engine.
Have they got the Haynes manual for the F-35 yet?

Author — cornishcactus


They forgot to mention how the pilot barely escaped with his life.

Author — Bryan de Paepe


Fighter jet: engine shows no signs of damage and jet is ok
BBC: bird takes down a fighter jet !

Author — Elias Puolakka