How To Get A HUGE BASS Drum Sound

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How To Get A HUGE BASS Drum Sound 5

In today's video I show you my favorite ways to get a HUGE Bass Drum Sound. We will discuss Bass Drum sizes, Types and Tunings. For musicians and producers alike.


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How the hell does RB know everything about everything? It's truly amazing how much he knows about whatever instrument he's talking about.

Author — Rufus Slothkowski


What John Bonham was to rock drumming, Rick Beato is to quality YouTube content!

Author — Glen Berry


or use the 70s glam rock technique where you just hit the floor with large platform boots

Author — Rolla Coasta Ride


this channel just got better, MORE DRUMS, and drums in the background/room thanks Rick !

Author — FN LN


Step 1: Resurrect John Bonham or Cozy Powell
Step 2: Enjoy

Author — Jack Deveini


I've seen too many live concert experiences ruined by sound technicians who allow the miked bass drum to drown out the bass guitar.

Author — Doug T


Your explanation + real world examples = perfection! Thanks, Rick... I always learn something when I watch your videos — high praise indeed!

Author — BH530711


"Burying the beater" really sounds like a euphemism to me :)

Author — George White


PLEASE do one on getting a GREAT BASS GUITAR SOUND next

Author — KPM


I knew that Bonham would be the first drummer mentioned in this vid! lol

Author — James Burgess


Hey Rick. Phil Collins was a master with his Ludwig Speed King pedal. Listen The whole "The Lamb..."

Author — Giovanni Paolo


Love this explanation. I do both techniques unconsciously but I never knew that my body adjusted depending on how fast I was playing. Rick knows his stuff and that’s due to his experience

Author — Carlos Soliz


Yes! Finally...thx Rick. Looking forward to this series.
hint hint

Author — Michael Scott


Love watching Rick, he certainly knows his stuff, so glad he respects Steely Dan .

Author — Stephen Everett


i got that ad about "interesting drum recording techniques" i saved in my tabs about butch vig doing that with dave g. on 'nirvana - nevermind' a couple days also, hahah.

Author — idontimagineyouandi


I'm not a drummer but I play bongos occasionally. I totally get the lifting and burying the beater*, or as we "bongo players" call it your *hand. :)

Author — fishy paw


can you please change the name of your channel to Rick Beato INSTITUTE. so much knowledge in every video release

Author — bozziovai


Let's talk about those snares in the background!!!

Author — John Shaler


Rick, when are you going to analyze Ringo Star's drumming?

Author — Vladimir Medvedev


Rick Beato’s content is amazing. The fact that he has a 1950’s Leedy kick drum is proof.

Author — Lucas von Gretsch