George Soros praises Trump's China policy in op-ed

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George Soros praises Trump's China policy in op-ed 4.5
Billionaire investor Ken Fisher responds to the U.S.-China trade war, George Soros' op-ed. #YourWorld #FoxNews

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Soros funded the caravan at the southern border and funds democrats. He's an enemy of the US who should have his citizenship stripped!

Author — xxdarkslayer lord


George Soros is pure evil, plain and simple.

Author — Cas8228


George Soros the most evil man on the planet

Author — Keep America Great


It's called reverse psychology. It's obvious he's trying to get people to turn against Trump

Author — Joey Jeffers


Soros contribution to trying to defeat Trump in 2020. He knows Trump voters know he’s a sleazebag. Yeah, I still trust President Trump.

Author — Inanna Vega


You should never believe the words of a leftist, because leftists are practiced, trained, serial liars, who will say whatever you want to hear and then do the exact opposite.

Author — Christopher


Be careful what you listen too... All MSN is Fake News.

Author — Michael Cash


If you cant tell me about George Soros, then dont put his name in the title. Thumbs down

Author — Vance Sloan


No one cares about George Sorass! Let me know when he is dead, otherwise, don't waste our time!

Author — Badabing Badaboom


Hmm, somehow I highly doubt that Soros would ever agree with anything that Trump does, no matter what!

Author — Michael Dumont


Soros is pure evil!!! He only wants what he himself can profit from. He has destroyed so many lives. He can rot in hell along with son Alex. They are the true enemy of the state.

Author — brian deleon


Cavuto is a snake. Can’t forget his vicious rant against President Trump last week. He hates Trump.

Author — osel1000


China's propaganda arm in the western world is CNN....beware the fake news network

Author — russel finch


Soros is one of the key string pullers of the democratic globalists

Author — Mikki Willis


It's a ruse. A part of Soros' sinister scheme.



Its probably coded. I don't believe George Soros approves of anything Trump does

Author — Awake and Angry Birk


Anytime Soros opens his mouth the devil speaks.

Author — offline111


Ha ha, this is triple chess. Trying to make Trump look bad by having baggage like that Sorros punk grab on to some coat tails

Author — Gilbert Couto


Man it would be a shame if someone were to excise that malignant growth from society, pun intended.

Author — Unga Bunga


“Let’s try reverse psychology”

George Soros~

Author — Jokester30