Trey Gowdy: Sessions was a 'dead man walking' for months

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Trey Gowdy: Sessions was a 'dead man walking' for months 5
Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee reacts to the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the comments on the future of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

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I think we should investigate Schumer with no limits and no boundaries.

Author — radio rebel 2


I think we should investigate every dem and republican. That became a multimillionaire after getting in to politics. With no limits. Drain the swamp.

Author — Derek Bedford


One thing concerning crying Chuck, he has a problem with life itself; meaning, always crying; therefore, that is why Our President calls it/ has called it like it is " Crying Chuck".

Author — Juan Torres


That man Schumer deserves witch hunt style investigation.

Author — A. Osmond


Schumer is just delay distract obstruct typical democratic tactic

Author — John Moe


“Finishes his investigation” are you serious? This whole thing has been a total shame! Thank God Sessions is OUT

Author — mymoonearthsun


Sorry Chuck keep in mind you really don't have any say in the process...

Author — Hunter Jones


Muller has more reason to hide from the new AG than Trump ever will. Uranium one anybody, among others?

Author — Vaderghost20


Everybody knew after the mid terms he was gonna be fired . now they act like they never seen it coming .democrats just can't be truthful about anything .

Author — Kenny Post


clown about some new investigations into the clinton-mueller nuclear deal...just to start....

Author — Rebel


When Chuck Schumer speaks, I listen and then believe the exact opposite.

Author — futilitariano


Schumer said, paraphrased: “We are afraid that acting AG Whitaker will take away the heart of our Russia, Russia, Russia hobbyhorse! It’s all we have going against Trump so please, PLEASE let’s not take away Mueller!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — ullgeologist


I have always had a problem with PACS and outside entities infusing money into what is local and state elections. Why should individuals from one state influence the election for my Congressman? That person should owe 100% allegience to me and my district.



Sessions was a white supremacist during his confirmation according to MSNBC and now he is a boy scout

Author — Teri Kay



Author — Sunglass Shinpan


The left is freaking out now that Sessions is gone.

Author — Henry Greenman


I think Sessions is a good decent man.I feel like hes been threatened and just didnt have the courage to do what he was suppose to do. I wish him no harm, but im glad he's gone. We have got to put these nutjobs in jail before they do anymore damage to us and our President . Preferably before January. Im sick of these people. Cant stand to look at them. They dont belong leading the House of Representatives, they belong in prison and mental institutions.They're not fit to represent anything. Im sorry, but their not. Its a frightning thought to think they have any ounce of power, period. Our country belongs to us, not them ! Im tired of these communist idiots telling me what i can and cant do. I hope and pray the acting AG has the balls to do something about it. Lets keep on MAGA

Author — jeff gardner


Wait a minute Gowdy? YOU say no prosecutor is created without limits? Well have you met Robert Mueller?

Author — Jeffrey Surrency


Sessions should have been fired the day after he recused himself. What a low down punk move against the president! Now FIRE MULLER! There was NEVER GROUNDS for the investigation in the first place! Come on FBI, DOJ, CIA & Homeland Security, here's your "Come to Jesus" moment! Rise & shine!

Author — 2003Harleyguy


God I hope Schumer is the third in jail. Get to work doj.

Author — Thomas Murphy