Graphic police body-cam video shows Dylan Noble shooting

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Graphic police body-cam video shows Dylan Noble shooting 2.5
Fresno police released their body camera footage of when officers shot and killed 19-year-old Dylan Noble. The chief is asking for calm in light of recent police shootings.

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Please. He wanted them to shoot him. That is completely obvious. The family is just trying to cash in on it.

Author — Sgt oldschool


Noble family, sorry for your loss but your son was not acting sanely.

Author — George Lapointe


To their credit, he was acting sketchy as hell with that right hand of his....i would have been suspicious too.

Author — joshua payne


Advancing on a officer during a traffic stop and concealing one of your hands is completely stupid. I feel bad the lose of that kids life, but what do you expect...

Author — arodderz


These cops gave this guy multiple warnings before they did what they had to do.

Author — Benji Unchained


It's sad to see a kid so young get shot and killed but he should've followed the cops orders and he would've made it out alive

Author — DeadWired


"why you shoot my baby boy?"

well you raised an idiot mam!
"he was a good boy, you used too much force"
nope, crazy comes equals crazy served.

Author — T Harrison


Don't threaten police and you don't die. They gave him plenty of warning.

Author — Carl Larsen


I think the police department should sue the family since they ordered the suspect an excessive amount of times to lay down or take his hands from behind his back. This invalid got what he deserved.

Author — HonduDan


That 12 gauge lifted him off his feet I'm sure!

Author — Scott Baker


The way he was acting he tried to make them think he had a weapon. Any suit should be thrown out of court

Author — John Stark


soon as i saw the shotty I was like oh damn.

Author — Living In Christ


More family seeing this as a revenue gathering exercise, shame on you!

Author — Michele Johnson


Headshot is justified. Game over kid.



I would've shot him as soon as he walked up, would've emptied the magazine on him, he must've lost his damb mind smh.

Author — Kenji policard Policard


click bait. video does not show the shooting .you get a thumbs down

Author — kev theplumber


i'm suing the uploader of this video for misrepresentation for not showing the graphic content.

Author — Purple Haze


Someone bumped into my arm how can my family sue?

Author — Nate Higgers


well, he listened, he'd be shooting popo.

Author — Neal Zalagens


USA today doing what they always do best just like starting shit

Author — trtytr