Tony Clement resigns duties over sexually explicit images, video

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Tony Clement resigns duties over sexually explicit images, video 3.5
Conservative MP Tony Clement has resigned his post as justice critic after admitting to sharing sexually explicit images and a video with someone online.

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See ya Tony, he should have left with the trash that was Harper...

Author — D


I wish I could love this more! The innate hypocrisy and selfishness of politicians is a constant of the universe. LOL

Author — cartohead


Mmmmm ...TONY! OH TONY! What do you look like with your glasses off ya sexy thang? ;-) BURP!

Author — SassyBratt1


Tell me about Christian Conservative Family values again Antonio????

Author — TheDark Nite


As a resident of Muskoka I do wish he would step down there as well, but it really wouldn't make a difference it is a ridiculously conservative region.

Author — The Weasel


A creepy-perverted man should not represent our country in any way....

Author — DurdyClaude


They said he had to resign because he was in a position of power and had access to top government secrets. The only power he has is getting a huge pay and pension, paid by our taxes, has the ear of the press, is famous by Canadian standards, and doesn’t have to work as others do. They shouldn’t replace him with anyone. Doug Ford got rid of half of the counsellors who also had big salaries and pensions. Who could even tell they’re gone? Who needs them? He should have got rid of all of them except maybe 10.

He has access to top government secrets? Lol. Our enemies (who are they?) could find out how many nuclear bombs we have. Oh, we have none? We have a tiny military as we let the US defend us? Maybe our enemies can find out from him how many turnips we have to sell?

He shouldn’t resign at all except to save us a lot of money keeping him going in his lifestyle. It’s none of our business what pictures of his were put on the internet or in emails. Who cares except it shows how much time he had on his hands while we pay for him to travel around. It also shows how dumb these guys are who take our money to be in the government and travel around and rarely once in a while make decisions that affect us. And he’s a top guy. Imagine about the millions of lower guys we’re paying billions for. I’m including both male and female in the word “guy”.

Author — Rick rick


Old Jim is a Long time Prancer!!!. Tony (Beat the Baloney) Clements is the Norm from these so called PC Party. They have Zero SHAME !!!Crocodile tears and he WILL Now CONSULT his PASTOR for DIRECTION and REFLECTION!!!. He will be SHAMED by his Pastor and consoled but he will also be Lectured on HOW DID YOU GET CAUGHT!!!! I preached to you on how not to get CAUGHT. His Pastor Taught Donnie the Mushroom Man Trump.!!!! Pervert Pastor Pence will now Lead us in Prayer.!!!!

Author — K P