Some Surprising Beauty Hacks & Life Hacks Using Toothpaste, Remove Dark Spots, Get Soft Pink Lips

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Some Surprising Beauty Hacks & Life Hacks Using Toothpaste, Remove Dark Spots, Get Soft Pink Lips 4

This video is all about Beauty Hacks , skin hacks and life hacks using toothpaste . These are weird skin hacks & toothpaste beauty hacks . This is a life hacks and dit beauty life hacks video. This is a toothpaste hack video tutorial to remove dark spots blackheads , whiteheads and get soft pink lips . It will help remove acne using awesome ideas . this is a skincare beauty hacks video tutorial.

Some Surprising Beauty Hacks & Lifehacks Using Tooth Paste:

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*So what u saying is colgate company should change its name to "facecream"*

Author — spooky my


Anyone else looking in the comments to see if these hacks work?

Author — Free Fire Expert


I feel like maybe we should just bath with toothpaste😂😂😂😂😂great tips

Author — Tadiwa Madzimbamuto


Well damn I’m about to bath in toothpaste

Author — Terrell J


Jiske ghar m colgate ki factory h vo hi karega aise kam😂😂

Author — Shabana khatun


Watching this video🤔 makes me think, does colgate application to lips magically makes it a f__kin red lipstick 😶

Author — Jachin Joses


Lipstick colour is good
Timewast videos

Author — Vicky Vikitha


Plsss never apply toothpaste on Ur face.. never ever

Author — babi gupta


Hey how many times do you have a dark skin on ur face??? Is it every minutes???

Author — jojo collin


좋은 비디오.who love us?i mean korean...hit a like...😊

Author — 차한나지


Hopefully the darkness around my mouth one works

Author — Ayub Ali


Toothpaste can burn ur skin (face), I actually tried it before and my face looked like plastic and it was red too (be carful guys and never ever dare to do the same mistake that I did ) ur actually gonna regret it

Author — Hend S


Y suddenly ur skin gets damaged so funny it is all editing😂😂😂

Author — sashi priya


Next time put more brighter colour lipstick 😁🍭

Author — Kailas Dinesh


Iam confuse now🤪, if i make my favorite tomato chutney, i will smash thm on my face 🦒😝

Author — Rohinee Das


She just used te whole tooth paste for nothing😂

Author — Renata Hrickova


Is it real

I found many mistakes in this video

Author — Indian Slime Master



Scrub the area gently?oh that's gently🥺

Your pores will open

Author — Tayhay Shiwi


Just try to show your natural face after Removing the mixture

Author — abishya george


wth u kidding me?i tried,it was ruining my skin!

Author — 苏美华