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Credit too @JADEDNERD was who I heard it from. He was discussing it and and looked it up and had to share. I was like this worth the conversation.

Author — Come Get This Commentary


Sophie very clearly has extreme body dysmorphia. She has been allowed by doctors to destroy her body through these procedures when someone should’ve told her “no”. Her body physically cannot hold her implants. It’s honestly heartbreaking all this could’ve been avoided had these doctors placed her life above the amount she was willing to pay.

Author — AstreA


My goodness sending her prayers and strenth, thats horrible 😢 i hope she finds someone who can professionally reconstruct it 🙏 🤦🏻‍♀️

Author — Liajuju


Damn. She needs to reach out to the botched team ASAP. They would definitely take her case for FREE.

Author — Monique Harte


Blessed Monday Keva!! I am so sorry you are not feeling well and hope you are getting some rest. I am blown away, no pun attended, by this story. Why in the world would a Dr give this woman such XXXL breasts when it's obvious her body can't handle that?? This makes me so sad for her for having to go thru this and that she felt she needed to go so large?? Can she take legal action?? This is so outrageous to me!!! This Dr should have stopped this the 1st time, but 4 times?? This is crazy!! As someone with large breasts, they are not all they are cracked up to be, but Love you, Sis, feel better!

Author — DJ Nashville


This is why Dr.Dubrow says “no” to these women! Her Dr. should’ve as wel!

Author — goodmusic


This is why you shouldn’t get surgery women love yourself

Author — *Janyia*


I can’t imagine the pain I feel so bad for her

Author — Jes Anna


😳😳😳 wow that’s scary got me clutching my breast Lord help her please 🙏🏽🙏🏽💜💜💜💜

Author — In The Know With Glo


My heart and prayers go out to her! Just terrible

Author — Shauna Byers


OMG! When u said "I see your mouth opened", that was literally me, as I have No Words. I grabbed my chest too. The limits to which some go just to try and adhere to what society deem as Beautiful. One lady's breasts exploded while she was on a plane and she died. Honestly, it's hard for me to empathize with people getting breasts augmentation & butt lifts to please shallow People but I hope she gets helped. Sadly, doctors know the dangers of body modifications but The LOVE OF MONEY is the Root To All Evil. I'm So Glad I LOVE MYSELF AS I AM. THANX Keva for sharing this bcuz u perhaps, saved others for m making the same mistake

Author — TaurusHere


It is a great thing, your getting this content out!. Yoe! God did this so the message is out.👍🤯🏃‍♀️🙄😒💯. Aye. Dam. For wisdom. Knowledge. Most change a mind from stupidity. Enlightenment to free the brain from damage. 👍. God bless you for showing us what could happen with bad choices and decisions. See say No.

Author — Wownow Youseen


You don’t have to be board certified in plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, you have to have a Dr, I believe the type of Dr doesn’t matter. But to do lipo, tt, etc, they will train under another established Dr who does it and that’s how they learn. Plastic surgery is reconstructive vs cosmetic surgery is for enhancing appearance, so basically for aesthetics. I personally believe your dr doesn’t need to be certified in plastics when you’re getting a cosmetic procedure (tt, lipo, rhinoplasty etc). Board certified docs mess ppl up as well. A dr certified in plastics is more trained for an emergency during & after sx from what’s been said in the sx community. Honestly researching the dr that gives the results you want is the best way to go about it. Knowing the good, bad, & ugly about them is best to make an informed decision.

Author — AliaTV


Seriously thank you. Lady from this channel. Think about what others got and now look. Wow.

Author — Wownow Youseen


This is not a social pressure thing but a plastic look some women want. Like the Clermont Twins from the Bad Girls club. The goal is to look fake. I am truly fascinated by it but I don’t like pain so I won’t be getting any procedures.

Author — UniqueLibra81


Catching the replay, OMG 😲 I cuffed my tatas and yelled Oh No... chile having a big chest ain't everything, it comes with back problems sometimes... #Experience

Author — Be A Boss Not A Bossy Bih ™


I remember seeing this & I was like.. 😳😱

Author — mzkocoabx


She woulda gone to another doc if first doc would not do it for her.

Author — Barb Stotter


Omgosh! If I ever had doubts this confirmed it really ain't worth it to me. Imma keep my big ol LONG🤪 yitties. Poor girl🥺

Author — SpiceLifeTV


That surgery wasn’t worth it tho she should’ve learned to embrace her natural not get big implants I’m not judging her but it’s awful