Ivy League vs Community College: Which Education Is Better?

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Ivy League vs Community College: Which Education Is Better? 5

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I'm glad they had Saul in this group. HIs age and experience gave another perspective.

Author — K DC


"It's Yale that built my character. That makes me the person that I am."

His parents: Am I a joke to you?

Author — Josef


I swear to god I've never seen anybody except americans think that going to a certain school is a personality trait

Author — Isabella Maria


I'm honestly more impressed in the old man who graduated recently. There is so much courage in pursuing higher education when one is older. College name doesn't matter.

Author — Jade Corong


I want to see ivy league professors vs community college professors that would be cool :)

Author — Poor Hoarder


I heard Yale in this video more times than I have in my entire life

Author — Avik Shrestha


I was friends in high school with a girl who started at our local community college and now works for Boeing on the international space station and just got recognized as one of the women of the space program. You don’t need to go to an Ivy League school to do great things!

Author — Marisa Gabay


I love how the girl got admitted into 17 universities and still remained humble, even saying it was “luck”. That in itself shows how special she is and that it indeed wasn’t just “luck”

Author — idkwhattoput


I like how trinity was respectful, but she seemed to secretly dislike the Ivy League students.

Author — Colorful Creamii


don't let my asian parents find cassandra

Author — aruki


Everyone's amazed that she got into 17 schools and all ivy leagues. I'm over here thinking that she must be loaded because some of those schools have $200+ application fees

Author — SundayMorning


From someone outside of America, the education system especially university seems so corrupt

Author — Molly Brown


I started at a community college and now just got accepted to an Ivy League for grad school.

Author — liberated.science


the irony is that Ivy League is an accomplishment, not a university.

Author — Khushi Vivek Arora


When the Asian girl that got into all Ivy League schools says the college admissions system is messed up, you know it is

Author — ForgetMeNot


Saul: I’m Saul, I graduated recently....
Me: *cries uncontrollably* congratulations Saul, you inspire me!

Author — MsVeronicaMonica


Im not in an Ivy League but i think Cory has every right to talk all about Yale, he worked hard to get there.

Author — Andrew Nelson


I want to see a video about ivy league graduates vs community college graduates and the difference between the treatment from their jobs, debt and stuff

Author — XIAN C.


The Ivy league students that were saying "oh you need to be proud of your school because blah blah blah" they're saying that because they don't go to a community college and will never experience all the stigma that surrounds going to one.

Author — Eli Cape


Why can't Cory be proud of being a Yale student? He mentioned how Yale had been his dream and how he worked so hard for it. Maybe he is not the most humble person in this world but he is still kind and did not say any bad thing to hurt anyone's feelings during the interview. So why can't he be proud of what he's worked hard for?

Author — Selina Pan