How We CLOSED OUR PRE-SEED ROUND and raised $1 MILLION (!!) | First-time Startup Founder

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Thank you so much for this Natalie! I am 53 amd this is BY FAR the best breakdown video I have scene ( intended.) I know this word is overused but the true authenticity and honesty and not super polished is what makes this awesome 7 super helpful & inspiring IMHO. Learned a crap ton& yes PLEASE make more videos on the process & subsequent rounds/growth...

Author — @mattyjmogul


Congrats on the huge milestone 🎊

Think a cool follow up to this video would be introducing the team along with the actual pitch you gave to investors.
I can relate to the mental challenges, especially when doubt starts to creep in. Making it this far proves that you have what it takes to come out on top.
Keep your head up, don't let the crown tilt.

Author — @chrisgudiel1


This was such a great video Natalie! It was so informative. I would love a series on this and maybe even more into your team, what everyone’s role is and how you all came together ❤

Author — @SamanthaJayne101


Yay congratulations Natalie! Been following you and your journey for a while! I've learned so much from your videos and recent webinars and I'm so excited for you and Rella!

Author — @Keli


Next video elaborate how the money flows. For example when an investor hands you a $100K check, what does it specifically fund or where is it deposited? How are those things agreed upon and determined?Things like that

Author — @Jhon.Ardila


This was a great video!! I’m currently a founder creating my first product so this really helped!

Author — @goalz99


Wow, this is incredible!! Congratulations! One thing that I learned from working at a start-up is 'no' just means later :)

Author — @abbiedelores


Thanks for the insight Natalie! Going through it right now as a Founder for a SaaS - the rejections are real! But definitely more motivated now with your insights! Merci!

Author — @Howardkinga


Really excited for this video! I’m a startup founder and have gone through the gambit of accelerators. Would love to know how you assessed which investors would be good partners + how you got introductions to them! Excited to listen to the video and podcast

Author — @ashimaadventures


Nice to see you progressing with your start up. It's extremely hard to get funding. You should be proud. I hope you can secure a next round of funding too. I'll checkout your pod.

Author — @upfulsoul826


Hey Natalie, I had much fun listening to you, and it was helpful as well. Thank you! We are building a marketplace, and we are in a very early stage. I wonder if you needed a business plan for raising the money or if your pitch deck was enough? I would appreciate for the answer

Author — @Shedrah


So proud of you Natalie!! I have watched you grow on YouTube for over 4 years now and it’s so inspiring to see where you are now. Huge congrats on this milestone!!

Author — @bevywood


Congrats on raising money. Excited to see how things go next year!

Author — @JustineMfulama


This was so good, transparent and useful thanks for this

Author — @GabryelleMck


Great story, Natalie! Thanks for sharing! Wishing you all the best with Rella!

Author — @AlexeiPetrovykh


That’s amazing congrats on that achievement many more to come for your start up in the new year 🥰🤩🤩

Author — @JibrilAbdulkadir_


Hey Natalie, How did you do your valuation in order to determine the terms from your side. I am in the Angel round, pre-seed. A valuation would help determine our terms as we have our first offer on the table and have been asked to send a term sheet and valuation

Author — @wytespace380


Thank you so much honey, so insightful!

Author — @user-cz2pm7dq7s


great vid super informative - Im a data analyst building a roommate matching application to help people find an ideal roommate based on criteria on like whether you enjoy hosting guests or thermostat preferences 👍

Author — @lsaiahflores


Look Natalie I was watching this while goal setting for 2023 and when you got to the fast forward part I thought I clicked the wrong button and my laptop had broke! Love your content as always <3

Author — @thellondonlady