9 grab and go WW, low cal breakfasts in 5 minutes!

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If youre stuck trying to come up with delicious low point, low calorie grab and go breakfasts that are also Weight Watchers friendly, this is the WW video for you! All of these WW quick breakfasts can be made in under 5 minutes and they are all very low points and calories.
I get 21 Weight Watchers points per day.
I get 26 Weight Watchers points per week.

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Hi everyone I'm so sorry! I edited this video on an airplane and I forgot to tell you that I used 1/2 cup to 1 cup of water in the oatmeal and I used one tablespoon of sugar-free pudding mix.

Author — Barrett Pastor


They all look delicious! Thank you. How much of the dry pudding mix do you put in the oatmeal?

Author — Gail H


Yum. Never thought of doing oatmeal like that. Every one of them sounds amazing. 😋

Author — Janet Colbert


Love this video! I eat oatmeal almost every day but was getting bored having it plain with cinnamon and Greek yogurt can’t wait to try these recipes 😋

Author — Christine Oman


Hi Barrett, Thanks so much for this video with lots of great ideas. I literally made my grocery list from these nine breakfast ideas! Nancy from Northern California

Author — pumpkingirl 1950


Loved it Barrett! Great ideas on the oatmeal... will be trying some soon!!

Author — D Powell


Love this video! Yes please, I’d love to see more!

Author — Kathy Gudgeon


Great video yes I’d love more like this one. Definitely trying the oatmeal ideas!

Author — Laura Davis


Thanks always for your great content - use many of your meal ideas and recipes - you make it so simple! Thanks!

Author — Laura Kossor


Thank you very much for all your ideas. Love the grab and go! Your the best!!!👏🏻

Author — Marcia Ott


Oh I lovvvve the Clio bars! I used to get them a lot when they were 4 points but even then I thought it was a lot pts to spend on a snack. I am very interested in those cauliflower thins, I’ve never seen those before

Author — Dana T


Great ideas. Thanks would love to hear about quick lunch ideas. Thank you for all the trouble you spend sharing these great helps

Author — Jocm2225


I can’t wait to try the peanut butter and chocolate chip oatmeal mix today!

Author — Shanea Jones


Please more all grab and go...thank you...this was awsome❤️👩🏻‍🦳

Author — Sylvia Ferrara


Great video, would love to see more ideas for grab and go

Author — Antonina Lechowicz


I don't think I mentioned on the oatmeal but I used 1/2 - 1 cup of water in every oatmeal.

Author — Barrett Pastor


Best video ever.. and exactly what I need!!!

Author — tracey russell


I love this video nice and quick I want more videos like this

Author — rose609 Nocera


Where do you buy the cauliflower crisps?

Author — Esther Hopcroft


🌻Barrett I missed the amt of pudding mix for the oatmeal
Can you let me know? I don’t eat eggs so the oatmeal recipes were great

Author — Dot Castagno