How Domino’s Won India’s Pizza Wars

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How Domino’s Won India’s Pizza Wars 4.5

Domino’s Pizza entered India in 1995. Since then, there are over 1,300 Domino’s stores across 282 cities in India, and its footprint continues to grow. As for Domino’s American rivals, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, in India, the brands struggled to match Domino’s foothold in the subcontinent. Domino’s found its success in India the same way it won the pizza war in the United States, delivery and technology

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How Domino’s Won India’s Pizza Wars

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this is exactly how I drag my 30 words knowledge to 300 words essay into examinations

Author — Aditya Singh


Why is Domino's so successful in India?

Simple answer - Cheese Burst

Author — N. J.


"sophisticated ordering technology"? it's a damn Mobile app calm down 😂

Author — Stuxnet Lassa


Yes, I understand Dominoes is doing well. But more important question: when will Dominoes bring the Chicken Tikka Masala pizza to the USA?

Author — Rich Schuster


Me living in india never even knew that papa jhons was in india XD

Author — Zefrouz


I've lived in Europe, India and now in the US. Man the Indian domino pizzas really is awesome!

Author — Thoughtflux


Papa John's is virtually non existent in India

Author — Navendu Singh Rathore


Why is dominoes preferred??
Real Ans: *P I Z Z A M A N I A* (good Pizzas within 100 rs)

Author — Satvika Mareedu


They Forgot the main factor that contributed to their success.

Paresh Rawal in the Domino's tv commercials.

Author — Manoj Yajmanam


Dominos has cheese burst, while pizza hut feels like expensive oily bread.
That's the only reason, nothing else matters.

Author — Schrödinger's Cat


My Indian colleagues pull out their own homemade food even when we meet in restaurants 😂

Author — hydrolife tech


A perfect example of 'Think global, act local', imo.

Author — Anubhav Verma


1:24 wrong map Gilgit baltistan is part of former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir whose king acceded to India.

Author — Flamin Mongrel


Video could have been shorter. Same information was repeated multiple times

Author — Aryan


Dominos 1 small pizza : 1rs
Pizza Hut 1 small pizza :1.2rs
Papa John's 1 small pizza :

Author — XxVibranium Claw


*Me at **0:00*
_"Oh let's watch how some Westerners reject Indian development and checkout some slums that I haven't seen anywhere yet"_

Author — Saibal Republic


1:23 When the hell will you put correct map of India? Are u nuts, CNBC??
P.S. You can face legal action in India for wrong maps

Author — Aparajita Suman


Indian here. I order Domino's only because of the 'Cheese Burst Crust'. Lol.

Author — SuperYoman100


did the narrator just get braces or something? sounds like he's trying hard (but failing) to enunciate words lol

Author — Lawrence


1Thing I learned from the comments.

1. Cheesy Burst

Author — Wannoケンオー新ー高橋