Is Anybody Out There? (Alien Life Documentary) | Spark

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Is Anybody Out There? (Alien Life Documentary) | Spark 4.5

With technology advancing faster than ever, and more and more discoveries being made every day, is the day we contact extraterrestrial life almost here?

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Check out this documentary "Planet Hunters" to see what humanity is doing to look for another potential home!

Author — Spark


I'm of the opinion that earth is the ghetto of the galaxy, where traveling aliens wind their windows up and try not to make eye contact when they pass by.

Author — NEM


Who actually searched up for "documentary on aliens" and found this.. 🙋🙋

Author — Tanoya Reid


Men can detect signal from light years away, and I cant even get wifi signal from upstairs. SMH.

Author — Mathias Gerin


We are probably the most close minded and violent civilization in our universe, that’s why they, whoever is out there don’t invite us to the galactic meetings lol

Author — Francisco Martinez


Humans: Hello, we are a relatively new civilisation and curious to learn more. We like to explore, research and expand our boundaries.
Aliens: K

Author — ObservantMagic


One day we will receive a disc with the message "stay the f away" in fifty different alien languages.

Author — tim johansen


If there's intelligent life out there, they'd know to stay away because we can't even get along with each other.

Author — Dave 983


"the wah signal"

why does it bother me so much the way he says "wow"

Author — Facing Fear


"Hi there. We are humans. We are a violent self-predatoy species that has only recently arisen out of the ashes of millennia of war to a level of civilization that can send this warning. (Don't panic.) We don't have a clue as to how to cross vast cosmic distances. (Yet!) When we figure it out we'll come pay you a visit. You should transmit your surrender upon receipt of this message." I think an open honest approach to "First contact" is best.

Author — Thomas Dillon


Humans: you there?

Aliens: *last seen yesterday 12.00PM*

Author — Asif Azeez


Looking for friends in the universe while we are killing our brothers and sisters on earth. :(

Author — Spitshine Recoil


Humans: Is anyone out there?
Aliens: Yes, we can't find you too.

Author — DR. andreas ABBEY


Feels like Earth is acting like a crazy ex-girlfriend that can't get the hint. So the aliens have just left us on read lol

Author — Because I am awezome


I really do hope we haven't rung the dinner bell ! We may find ourselves on the menu.

Author — Un Known Gladio


Just hope the wrong species doesn’t hear the messages.

Author — Tek Man


Wtf the f is the wa single it's damn wow

Author — Concept Creator


Just a thought, humans would probably capture and examine any intelligent life form against their will if they ever got the chance to. What makes you think other developed/advanced species won't do the same to us?

Author — bella christine


So, basically we sent them our coordinates and a message stating "here be gold".

Author — Pengepugeren


9:45 What if the Aliens who find that gold record say to themselves....(we found food!) Let's go eat

Author — Mr Clark