American bulldog attacks Cane Corso!!!

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American Bulldog attacks Cane Corso - American bulldog vs Cane Corso
Our video today is about an American Bulldog attacking a Cane Corso. American Bulldogs are serious looking dogs with blocky head, muscular body, deep bark and intense look. Many people also confuse them as American Pit Bull Terriers , as pit bulls were created from Old English bulldogs that look similar to today's American Bulldogs. However, American Bulldogs are much larger, taller and muscular as compared to old English Bulldogs even though they descended from old English Bulldogs.

Old English Bulldogs are thought to have arrived in America as early as the 17th century, brought over by working-class immigrants from England.
American Bulldogs were used as stock dogs, catch dogs, and guardians on farms and ranches.

We can not emphasize enough, that don't own a breed that you can't control or train. All of the dogs in the following clips were badly trained, and the owners had no control over their dogs. It's very sad to blame the breed, when owners can't train them properly or own them without knowing the history of the breed. Choosing a dog for its looks only, wouldn't make anyone a good dog owner. One should know the history of the breed before owning it, and should know the amount of time and effort that is required to have a well balanced dog. In this next clip couple of bull dogs escaped the house and attacked a couple of poodles next door. Luckily the poodle owner was around at that time , and she managed to save them by picking up the poodles and rushing towards her kitchen door. One of the bulldogs followed her to the kitchen , but brave woman wrestled it out and managed to push it out of the kitchen door.

Then you can see the owner of Bulldogs calling her dogs back , but the dogs wouldn't listen to her command. She had to hold one of them from the collar, to take it back to the house.

In the next clip again the irresponsible dog owner left the front door open for their dog aggressive American bulldog to escape. The poor women who was walking her Yorkshire terrier was left terrified after the Bulldog attacked her dog.

In the next clip again irresponsible owners, who let their Dog aggressive American Bulldog and Doberman escape the house and as a result the dogs attacked a Belgian Shepherd next door.

In our video of the day, again you'll see two weak owners both women owning dog breed that they can't handle or control. They both were walking their dogs when American Bull Dog and Cane Corso lynched at each other. As they had no strength to keep their dogs back, both dogs ended up fighting each other. Luckily, couple of passing by men helped them to break the fight. Please always own the breeds that you can handle, train and control.

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This is my second American Bulldog. Awesome breed but you have to be in control. Sad people don't have a clue!!! Your videos are great and hopefully people interested see them before making the decision to acquire certain breeds.

Author — Jason Gagnon


I have owned large dogs my entire life and have gone to many dog parks over the years. The most common mistake people make when trying to break up a dog fight is either holding back one while the other attacks it, or putting their hands or body parts in the middle of it in an attempt to prevent it. I have seen people get bit and I have seen unfair dog fights because of one being restrained while the other is allowed to attack.

Author — Photojunky's Drone Zone Vlog


Mój Cane Corso bez problemu radzi sobie z Buldogiem Amerykańskim.
Ten tu z filmu jest młodym Corso,
jeszcze spokojnym i nie zaprawionym w boju.
Mój Cane Corso waży 68 kilogramów,
Buldog przy nim to jak zabawka !
Ogólnie Buldog Amerykański to normalny fajny pies,
jest głupi w złych rękach.

Author — Zoltar Zoltar


I really hate when people can't remotely control their Dogs

Author — BKG30M


As a Rottie-owning female, it's not about physical strength. I can confidently walk between my boys when they squabble (in the very rare occasion a sharp word doesn't work) and expect an immediate cessation of hostilities. They all recall instantly, as well, in high-stress environments. If they are paying too much attention to a strange dog, I can tell them to leave it, and they DO. Training, socialization, patience and love.

Author — flutterby


if you own a bully breed, invest in what's called a "breaking stick, " and learn how to use it if your dog or another dog gets into a fight.

Author — Max Dawg


Biggest problem at dog parks is incompetence. So many people don’t understand a dominant dogs temperament and how they think then expect the dog to transform into their family pet just because they’re loving to them. If you are not willing to learn and apply training to your pitbull, Rottweiler, GSD ect then it’s best you just get a lab or retriever

Author — OptionDelta


None of the people in this video have a clue how to separate fighting dogs, by pulling the dogs you are likely to do more damage to the dogs. You either have to choke them off or force jaws open with some kind of break stick or similar. The dogs are clearly to strong and powerful for either owner and could end in tragic consequences in the future.

Author — kernowflyer


I have a Scott type am.bulldog in my photo to the left and he is a upstanding gentleman and a esa ..but early training is a must ..these dogs need a lot of time, attention and socialization.

Author — Tiffany Dufrane


People should always invest in dog training classes. It's safest for the dog and everyone else the dog might meet.

Author — ErdriedDeirdre


atakującego psa należy złapać za przednią łapę (przeciwległą od strony osoby interweniującej) i przewrócić na ziemie podusić kolanem i puści... albo podważyć szczęki drewnianym klinem...
the attacking dog should be grabbed by the front paw (opposite to the intervening person's side) and knocked over to the ground, stabbed with the knee and let go ... or the jaws should be lifted with a wooden wedge ...

Author — Marek Mosiądz


People never cease to amaze me: Why WHY W-H-Y Would the Ever forget that they're handling an ANIMAL -Regardless of an Animals Conditioning/Training, just blows my mind.
Sure it can be, and has been done. But IMHO, it shouldn't be done. If for no other reason than the Fact that IF **** goes South, there's too much at risk: the least of which, is the name of a Wonderful Breed is Once Again Stained!

Author — Patriotic Saint


Best way is to quickly slip your forearm around the dogs neck and choke hold until the dog releases its grip.

Author — kuri


This proves why most people especially females shouldn’t own breeds that are more powerful than themselves! We have to do our due diligence and know how to solve problems in situations like this, 1. Have a break stick
2. If you own a small dog ladies pick it up
3. 🛑 kicking and screaming and pouring water on dogs, this only hypes them up more obviously!!🙈

Author — V J


0:51 Worst owner. Just stands there while her dog gets chewed up.

Author — mulonzee877


They should have let the canecorso fight back

Author — Ben Bushell


A lot of people get dogs cause they are cute, not knowing what they are getting into. A lot of people also need to learn how to break up a fight.

Author — Bill Martinez


Из этих собак люди сами делают зверей . Хуже самого страшного зверя на земле нет чего как - Человек !

Author — джафар гаджиев


I see this crap here in San Diego all the time. Women likely want to feel protected and walk around very powerful dogs that they cannot possibly control in case of an emergency situation. My neighbor cannot control her huge Rottweiler, but he listens to me at immediate command. People need superb dog training before getting these powerful breeds. The consequences can be terrible.



Accidents do happen, but if you have a powerful breed you better be responsible for your dog behaviour.

Author — Hilário