Uncharted The Lost Legacy - Ending and Final Boss Fight

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy - Ending and Final Boss Fight 4.5
Final boss and ending for Uncharted the Lost Legacy / Uncharted 4 DLC

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Long live the Drakes, no matter the sibling.

Author — anthony sunseri


Damn, this Asav dude is a real badass if he can hold off both Nadine and Chloe, while Nadine beat the shit ou of Nate every time they fought

Author — ShadowLegend


I love how the final chapter is just one giant throwback to Uncharted 2.

Author — James Atkins


I'm glad sam is in this game, he's so funny

Author — mr protagonist


"oh my god you're serious"
-Sam (Uncharted The Lost Legacy)

Author — llorwas 123


Reminds me of uncharted 2 a lot with the train

Author — Indras


Naughty Dog and their trains. They really know how to nail it right.

This must be the first mission at that level of intensity. It's the theme of the whole Uncharted series.

Author — kummer45


It seems like Nathan Drake luck rubbing on them.

Author — TheCyborgCast


Would of loved a Nathan Drake cameo somewhere. But other than that I ended up enjoying this game much more than I thought I would. Chloe and Nadine make a great team. Would love to see them in another adventure now that Drake is retired.

Author — 2800boy


They should make a game with sully and Sam

Author — Kneox


I remember when people complained that Nadine was beating Nate and Sam's ass *because Naughty Dog was sexist and didn't want to animate a guy punching a girl.*
Then they created a DLC campaign involving the final boss taking on both Nadine and Choloe.

Author — TheHappy_P0tat0


This Uncharted has really awesome ending...But Uncharted 4's ending is way better than this....

Author — iamsYckyy


They just combined Uncharted 2 and 4's best set pieces together. And it's better than I ever would have dreamed!!

Author — Ben Wasserman


I think this game was a test to see if uncharted could be great without Nate. I think it was successful. More uncharted please with this trio. Charlie too

Author — Rolling Herd


"Oh my god your serious..." Lol Greatest line to end a game ever, happy and funny at the same time.

Author — Brianna Howard


"Oh my god, you're serious". - I laught so hard.

Author — Alex G.


23:00 dont have much time
deep valley - oh come on baby

Author — Random Videos


It so funny when Sam pretends he lost it when he didn't lol

Author — Sky Tiger


The next Uncharted expansion I want them to put out is one that plays as Sam Drake.

Author — Michael Lee Westcott


I have the biggest crush on Nadine 😍. Great game!

Author — yepyepIlove