Moscow Ballet Competition Documentary – Joy Womack

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Moscow Ballet Competition Documentary – Joy Womack 5
Our second documentary on Moscow Ballet Competition XIII featuring Joy Womack.

Наш второй документальный фильм о XIII Международном конкурсе артистов балета и хореографов в Большом театре с Джой Вомак.

Педагог Жанна Богородицкая
Партнер Михаил Мартынюк

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This American woman, Joy Womack, did something absolutely courageous and really amazing. I wish her to get a high award from the President of the US level someday. Why? Many of us know her story but I try to make my point quickly; Joy was a phenomenal DIPLOMATE showing the relentless American spirit that is prevalent in many US citizens who we don't hear about. All we hear about is bad news. Why can't it be positive by showing our own US citizens what some of our people are accomplishing. Joy went to Russia, learned their complex language fluently, learned their Ballet technique, put up with a lot of unfriendly people at first but she got through with her command of the Russian language. She Perfected the Russian Ballet technique, immersed herself into the culture and danced her way into the Kremlin Ballet as a Principle Dancer. THAT IS BEYOND INITIATIVE!! She went specifically to learn Russian technique as she always admired their fiery way of dancing, so much drama and expression. And she accomplished I think more than what she intended. Wonderful story of courage and not on a battlefield. Thank you, Joy! Such an abundance of positive role modeling and strength. Uber - Empowerment.

Author — Laura Mounier


Her Russian is so great, she speaks with almost no accent, her dancing is wonderful.

Author — Katlady


Her Russian is as impeccable as her dancing, she’s inspirational.

Author — evg129


As a non dancer, I have found Joy absolutely inspirational and awesome. she has really accomplished some incredible things. Adapting to a strange culture and mastering the language in itself would have been enough. To master their ballet technique and then excell in it: yes, she deserves the highest praise. FEW Americans have showed such fearlessness and its good to see again!

Author — Kim Lloyd-George


Молодец девченка! Пашет! От куда у нее только силы берутся? Считаю что для Америки она давно уже самая лучшая!

Author — Washe Polnoe


I've been following Joy since she was 15 years old. She has come such a long way and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Author — Ariana Penno


The most important thing has already happened for you when the Prima Ballerina you have admired since childhood said to you at a performance that included the honoring of your teacher that : "YOU ARE A PRIMA BALLERINA" NEED MORE BE The problem with ice skating and ballet the judging is always subjective in many ways. When I was in swimming competition it was the clock that judged you a winner period no matter the form of the swimming stroke. Pay no attention to the results..No one can take your accomplishments away from you as you own them. As you said in an earlier vlogg that before your coming to the school as a teenager you were nothing and look what success you have had and much more in the future. You have a wonderful coach and you have a lot more to learn. Don't throw that away too quickly. It is obvious how much she loves you and has a lot more to teach you. Stay put for now and make a decision very carefully. You are Russian as it is in your being now and that is important. You are lucky to love two countries.

Author — john garb


Absolutely loved this, Joy is such a force of nature! Inspirational.

Author — The Electric Oracle


классный русский у Вас! большая умница.👍
удачи и успехов на сцене!👌

Author — ainura bazekenova


Brilliant documentary. Joy your strength is amazing. Alisa beautifully filmed. Thankyou.

Author — Sassafrass Tree


Greatly impressed with Joy's dancing. She is a true ballerina now. I wish her success.

Author — Eileen Pollock


3:34 in red pants, he is from Panama, so nice to see that he is competing in this Big competition

Author — mariaelvirazm


JOy where can we see the competition, you looked gorgeous, doing my fav, Don Q

Author — emily schwellenbach


Followed her forever! Nice to see her again doing so well. Her vlogs stopped. Joy start those again that is if you get time, no pressure you do your thing!

Author — sharon246787


i truly loved this documentary. ever since the trailer came out, i knew i had to see it. i know understand how tuff this career can be, but if you really truly love it, and if you dedicate yourself things will happen for you! this film was amazing thanks so much for your outstanding work!

Author — Ivana Stogsdill


Thank you for this.Really well done documentary.

Author — byambarebyambare


Lovely. I enjoyed having Soviet and Eastern European influences in the opera theater. And, I spent 10 hours in Moscow at the airport, thinking of the Bolshoi. Where can I get some ballet treatment for my feet?

Author — Kendrick Jacocks


может в ней нет особого блеска, но видно что она фанатично предана делу, а без этого в балете никак. удачи и успехов!

Author — Твой Волк


so amazing person.. full of love to the most important thing of life... so deep reflecting.. i wish she not only could get the high award from the president of the us.. but also from the president of russia... as she shows such great respect to russia.. our culture.. our people.. i wish such people could become presidents of the countries.. every country.. the the world would be real paradise then.. but it's just a dream.. and in this case i give up my fear.. i got real joy watching and listening you.. joy... i hope you will reach you dream as you truly deserve it..

Author — Margarit Kulyan


It’s interesting to compare what happens to the winners and non winners. The winner got a soloist position in Berlin, dances with Simkin on several occasions, gets invites to prestigious galas in Europe. Meanwhile the rest are stuck in their same small companies or are reduced to begging for scraps

Author — dontaskmenything