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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

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Jija Ji - Watch Jaspal Bhatti play the role of brother-in-law of an IAS officer and he holds a powerful position in his family. He even carries a card on which he has got printed Jijaji brother-in-law of a Senior IAS Officer. Mr Sandhu the IAS officer is totally frustrated at the hands of his jija as he is always interfering in his official matters. .

Comedy Scenes
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💬 Comments

Full Punjabi Version mil gya movie da....😍

Author — Being Punjabi


What a great man Jaspal Bhatti was. His comic content and timing remains unmatchable

Author — Sushant Aggarwal


Gurapreet Guggi is such a versatile actor. Completely underrated.

Author — voicification


It's super hilarious, jaspal bhatti sir will always be a legend in comedy👌🤗

Author — Pooja Sabharwal


Legend of the world jaspal bhatti ..RIP

Author — Nazir Haider


Bhatti rocks. He is just incredible. Just think if he is doing movies these days with gurpreet, bhalla, binnu
Jaspal bhatti is really a legend

Author — Sohil Thakur


I have watched this numerous times....but still it looks fresh whenever I watch it

Author — ravvi vaid


Amazing comedy by Jaspal Bhatti. India was unlucky to loose him so soon.

Author — Vinay S


Awesome...seen so many times...still never feel bored..✌😊

Author — Tanya Batra


best punjabi "family" movie ever...RIP jaspal ji

Author — Ashish


At 1:04:30, when the Inspector says that if the Jija, Jaspal Bhatti, can't take someone's guarantee, it means that the concerned person is honest. This is hilarious.

Author — Abhishek Sharma


I watched this 10 years ago..its still appealing..👍👍👍

Author — chocolate swiss


That's what call real entertainment with versatile actors.

Author — Safarbadosh


All the 4 punjabi legends are here in this movie, must have watched 10 times and never fail to make me laugh, Ghuggi’s and Bhatti Saab’s expressions

Author — R B


Hindi version also best and original Punjabi version also best.... No double meaning only pure comedy... Hats off to jaspal bhatti ji....world's best Jija... 8-9-2020

Author — अनिल गुहागरकर


Gurpreet ghuggi, jaspal Saab, jaswinder bhalla, all are legends... Awesome movie♥️

Author — A J


Bhalla sahab is genius... salute you ❤️🙏

Author — Alok Hawaldaar


The most fabulous comedy of all times. Evergreen, forever. I want to thank all the actors for such a endless comedy. Totally love it. And really very very missing you J.S.Bhatti ji. These actors are my favourite. Please bring more movies like this Thank you all.

Author — deadman walking


Jaspal Bhatti is the best comic artist that India ever had....

Author — Amanpreet Singh


Missing Jaspal ji, very creative man.

Author — Gopal Sharma