The gun solution we're not talking about

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The gun solution we're not talking about 4
Universal background checks won't fix America's gun crisis. But there's something else that might.

It seems like after every mass shooting, politicians talk about expanding background checks for gun buyers. But background checks don't actually do a great job of keeping dangerous people from getting guns. What does? A licensing system, where before you can buy a gun, you need a license from the state.

* And read the Johns Hopkins research on gun licensing:

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Watching Vox as a foreigner be like
"The measuring system we're not talking about:
This is a meter"

Author — Mattias Sollerman


As someone who lives outside the US, the comments on this video are interesting, to say the least.

Author — Celtic Lass


That's what we have in canada and it's common sense to have a license for something so dangerous

Author — Has1b


Who else is here because of Colion Noir?

Author — Ryan Lockwood


Hey it's not our fault, and i thought our logo was cool...

Author — FBI


You are always required to fill out a background check at gunshows. I was at a gun show the other day and everyone was filling them out

Author — GPXD


Colion Noir did a great rebuttal of this

Author — Ale Ale Handro


to quote Homer Simpson: "TWO WEEKS!? But I'm angry now!"

Author — Nimie Redwrench


Criminals and Black Market Dealers: “Am I A Joke To You”

Author — Don


2:13 sounds like the air force's needs to get their stuff right. sounds like the government failed.

Author — Chance Adams


"'No Way To Prevent This, ' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens"

Author — Sabo Tabby


Ive never been able to get a gun in “108” seconds lol

Author — Unknown Individual


Who has been to a gun show where background checks are not done ? None I have attended.

Author — David Mallory


Thank you, vox, for talking me into getting my gun license.

Author — A n g e l o


Person: so what you want is minority report
Vox: well yes, but no

Author — WilfordThe 4th


Just imagining what would happen if universal gun rights would be given in India?
Maybe that will be a tragic incidents

Author — Abhishek Soni


The government can’t stop people from getting things, I was a heroin addict for years, and I can tell you that as soon as someone gets booked, someone else takes his place, as soon as some new ban comes out, they switch to using something else. Remember just recently when the FDA “banned” fruit flavored vape pods, yea that went great, they’re really hard to find now. The import market for guns to people who don’t want to or can’t deal with the law is already widespread if you know the right people

Author — Warrcoww


When you dont know what your talking about.

Author — Captain Chlamidia


Idea: just don't give people guns. If nobody has any, there is no need.

Author — BlueTigerTheLion


Advocating for a Minority Report situation is not good you lied about that. That takes away not only your Second Amendment right but several others

Author — Frank Genner