The Upcoming Financial Crisis That Will Dwarf That of 2008 - Expect Civil Unrest

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The Upcoming Financial Crisis That Will Dwarf That of 2008 - Expect Civil Unrest 4.5

Another financial crisis—predicted to be the worst in U.S. history—is on its way.

“We have $250 trillion worth of global debt, and interest rates are going up. It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression.” -Gerald Celente, Founder & Director of the Trends Research Institute and widely hailed for warning everyone about what he predicted would be the “panic of 2008.”

After each drop, many attributed the losses to increased bond yields, or interest rate hikes (short-term interest rates are still less than half of what they were in early 2007). Upon closer inspection, though, top investors and experts offer a list of systemic fissures that are the cause, including the biggest debt bubble in global history, and emerging markets teetering on defaults. Greece nearly failed in 2011, but now Italy--the ninth largest--is teetering. Whereas Lehman went bankrupt in 2008, today’s most ailing too-big-to-fail is currently Deutsche Bank—three times the size of Lehman, and with $47 trillion in derivatives.

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In short, we're quickly headed for a far larger debt crisis than we suffered in 2008. Some facts:

Institutional investors (also called "smart money") got out of the U.S. stock market in 2017--they saw the unsustainable corporate debt, the downgrading of investment grade corporations like GE to junk, the retail losses based in part on unmanageable rents and prices rising while wages did not, the real estate downturn once the Fed stopped buying commercial mortgages, the rise of the CLO market pushing corporate loans (like the mortgage-backed securities market had pushed mortgages, just to pool them, prior to 2008), the recent tripling of what FDIC calls "asset problem banks, " and of course black swans like Deutsche Bank (with $47 trillion in derivatives), Italy and others teetering on too-big-to-fail collapse.

Foreign stock markets have seen significant declines already as the European and Latin American economies contract (ex. China's Shanghai index is down 22% for 2018), and emerging markets' currencies are collapsing under the weight of debt owed in American dollars. That said, many economists and investors foresee a dollar crisis after this next debt crisis, because interest rates have almost nowhere to go from this low height.

As for the stock market, the P/E ratio is the highest it's ever been other than the dot-com bubble, volatility matches that of late 2007, and market capitalization is higher than it was even in 1929, after which we saw an 89% stock market crash (50% crash in 1999). So we're in pretty big trouble, and between this month and last, the Dow lost ALL of its gains for the year, and has been down every day for the last two weeks. A much more significant crash is expected in mid-Dec (the downturn/growing credit crisis was ignited by the Fed raising interest rates and beginning to sell off its $4 trillion in purchased assets).

The economy has been sustained by the Fed (and other central banks) all this time, and all it has led to is a 49% increase in consumer debt, a 157% increase in student debt, a 122% increase in the fiscal debt, a rise from $170 trillion to $250 trillion in global debt, a 60% increase in leveraged loans, a 52% increase in auto loans, and mortgage and retail defaults are now at their highest in 10 years.

Author — Evie Courtlandt


I've been driving trucks now for 20 years. my degree was a huge waste of money. never buy a new car, live in small house, don't party, stay away from department stores and high maintenance women.

Author — Charlie Thompson


50, 000 for a vehicle 350, 000 for a house making less than $18 an hour and very few benefits...not sustainable

Author — Tom Butthurt


GO WATCH THE B&W FILMS of 1929, ....98% lived on farms, ...Now, .98% live in cities....
AND, ...PEOPLE ARE A LOT MORE STUUUUPID....$40, 000.00 for a medium cost car???!
I drive a 1976 Nova with a 6 cylinder...

Author — onceANexile


The ultra rich will cash out leaving someone else holding the bag.

Author — omegafile


Bailing out the banks in 2008, was a bad idea, they should of been allowed to fail, then governments step in and nationalize them.

Author — Alan Tanner


Yeah I think it's coming, sometime big something I've never seen before. People don't talk about it but I think everyone is aware that something just isn't right. The look of the country is terrible, I've never seen the country soo hollow and dirt poor with whole towns living on the streets in tents. There should be more of up raising but in my opinion everyone is trying to ignore something that's too ugly to look at. Willfull ignorance.

Author — Reginald Morton


Debt,   is the biggest scam in world history.

Author — Mr. Officer


Capitalism works outside of the Rothschild debt system. We have been held hostage by these con men

Author — Kevin Bell


Student loans and college education is a farce now.

Author — Randy Best


After the next collapse, the world leaders will push for a global currency

Author — Freyr SeaWolf


Trump campaigned on the fact that we owe over 20 trillion dollars and over 120 trillion in unfunded liabilities. That the Bubble will burst and there will be terrible consequences. NOW he is in office and says nothing about it anymore. He is printing U.S. Currency just like his predecessors and all the "Trumpers" are ranting about how wonderful the "Economy" is doing. We are going off an Economic Cliff with a jammed accelerator and no brakes. People need to be prepared.
 The "Bad Times" are not over. They are just beginning!

Author — gene4791


90% of workers at my job make in the range of 11-15$ dollars an's not is a major bank.

Author — Cynthia Marquez


There has been no recovery since 2008, it has all been papered over! The jobs being created are lousy.

Author — Randy Best


2008 was NOTHING compared to what is coming- this will be worse then 1930's

Author — Mary Brock


I have impression economy actually never recovered after 2008. Bauble is just patched up so it could grow even more. There is not single one problem solved in last ten years.

Author — zpetar


2008 was a speed bump on the way to the BIG event! Mike Maloney

Author — Dan Reynolds


March, 2020. How does the video look like?

Author — Ranjit Tyagi


Worry is for the college students that will come out of school with no jobs and pure debt. They are living in a real bad time.

Author — Passion


And to think just a couple years ago people rolled their eyes and laughed about some people making preparation's, storing food and water, moving to secluded areas, getting out of the markets, buying physical precious metals and purchasing a firearm. In the late 80's before my Grandfather passed he warned there was going to be another Great Depression only worse because people have lost their self reliance and are to dependent upon Government. Several years ago when I started seeing things through his eyes about the stories of his own life going into, through and after the Great Depression I started preparing.

Author — Casper