$620 MK3 Jetta: How Bad Could It Be?

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 months ago

I bought a MK3 Jetta TDI from a Junkyard for $620, and I tried to get it running. If I can get this running and street-legal, I do plan on building a full blown rally car out of this jetta so please comment any ideas or advice you may have for me as this is my first project car!

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While this guy is literally fixing cars and modding them and stuff I’m stuck with a broken SLA 3D Printer...which is fine.

Great video as always!

Author — @suspense_comix3237


Neat! My father had a Mk4 1.9 TDI Golf with over 500, 000 Km on it. The 2nd transmission ended up going out on it though.

Author — @CamdenBowen


ay great video bro. your hella knowledgeable and i can see you are going places

Author — @jackyballs


nice! Wish we had cooler junkyards here...

Author — @fleckione-workinprogress4249


Bro this channel is about to pop off so hard, can’t wait for it

Author — @NotMeIsHere


These cars also have problems with there alarms. And cause it to not turn on even with a good battery, starter, ignition switch. You have to get under the dash find the alarm box that has a 6 and 10 prong connection. You disconnect both of them and wire in on the 6 prong wire 5-6 together and it bypasses the alarm and allows you to turn on the car

Author — @pjreynoso15


I know this is an old video, but i have a very specific question because it's been tormenting me for months now. I rebuilt my mk3 Jetta engine and I have a stray connector that I have no idea where it goes (but I know it goes somewhere...just can't remember where). If you still have the car, can you please go the oil pressure switch and right where that splits off the main harness there's another wire that splits right by it of similar length(except it ends with a hard plastic connector instead of a rubber boot)...and please tell me where it's connected to. It's been a nightmare to try and find where it goes.

Author — @alejandroarreola-torres5529


Ive had a lot of cars in my teens and twenties. TT, A4, S4, A4, A4, MINI's, S5, RAM's, an eclipse, rsx type s, wrangler, and built several motorcycles.
My advice as someone who loves to find a good deal and a project, sell that vw, and find something newer, safer, with a blown motor and make it electric

Author — @BulletXL302


I just bought a volkswagen vento (its a jetta mk3 but europe its badged as Vento) i googled the nameo f the car and this the first video i see. abosultely love the car i have which only has 50K miles on it. U make great video my man keep up the work :D

Author — @MediumStare


chooses jetta over rx7 you are a real man in my book

Author — @Doss_Auto


Bro glad to see u pick a Volkswagen. And u pick 1 of the best looking 1s made I think the mk3s were the shit. I’m a current owner of a 98 Jetta glx vr6 5 speed in ment condition except the rocker panels are rusted. Bro I installed a new ingtion switch in my mk3 very tuff job u had it that far tore down why u break it u should of just installed new switch. I’m 43 bro only ever had VWs glad to see the younger guys saving them to. I’m currently own a mk4 Jetta gli 20th anniversary edition to. Save all mk3 & mk4s

Author — @jackcampbell5443


Lol, flammable diesel spraying all over the engine bay and you're like lets drive it

Author — @manganeseheptoxide7825


Try to 3d make a proper rotary engine in the next vid

Author — @KnightTDM