Larry David Reminisces About Colbert's Guest Spot On 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

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Larry David Reminisces About Colbert's Guest Spot On 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' 5

Stephen talks about the unexpected repercussions of his guest role on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with the show's star and creator, Larry David. Watch Larry in the tenth season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO! #Colbert #LarryDavid #LSSC

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Larry looks like he’s been 60 for the last 40 years

Author — john basedow


This guy has not broke his character for over 20 years

Author — Rick Sanchez


I know someone who golfed 18 holes with him once and he said Larry was EXACTLY as he is on Curb your enthusiasm. He had a problem with a button on his sweater and he went on and on about how button holes and buttons could be better constructed. LOL

Author — Shellynn123


These Bernie Sanders Interviews are getting out of hand.

Author — Killin Smallz


He's totally freestyling it and yet it's better than a scripted comedy.

Author — Vinoth Krishnamurthy


“Happy New Year by the way.”

“Eh, come on.”

And here we go...

Author — The Jew


His extreme pettiness is what makes him funny.

Author — Norton Video


As a server, I don’t mind the wave. Don’t snap or whistle! I’m a human being, not your dog!

Author — Lance Carrauthers


Of course Larry cares for the environment, he's prolly led to more Prius sales than anyone.

Author — Luke Christo


That hair on the back of Larry's head is really hanging on.

Author — sarcasmo57


Larry David was born 70 years old and hasn't aged since. Maybe he's got the same disorder as Morgan freeman - epic old man disease

Author — oggyreidmore


Stephen totally messed up Larry's timing on the insertion joke

Author — Kingman Brewski


I love that whenever Larry David does something public it always just seems like you're watching a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Author — Bjørn Sjøgren


This is like an episode of Curb inside an episode of Curb. The awkwardness is on a whole other level here

Author — HipGnostic


This guy sounds a lot like George Steinbrenner....

Author — Late Cambrian


“Channel your inner Larry David, ” is one of my daily mantras.

Author — Mandy Clyburn


I love that Larry makes resolutions that are actually attainable

Author — PutinWithAnimals


My father's best advice: "If you think you have to pee as you are leaving the house; you do."

Author — aunti deb


“Happy New Year btw”

“Aah c’mon...”


Author — hanselthecaretaker


Colbert and David have awkward energy towards each other for sure.

Author — Donny