DCS World - Tblisi Defense

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Been on an Ace Combat binge lately and was digging through my old shadowplay files, this is probably one of my best sorties in DCS. Though most of it was me jumping people, but who the heck cares about fair dogfights in a simulator?

Liberation of Gracemaria - Ace Combat 6

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Sorry about the re-upload, the dancing Kongou somehow got cropped out and that just wouldn't do.

General tips about the J-11's cockpit:

Altitude is measured in Metres, Speed is in Km/h.

HUD contains the radar scope, that slewing box is what I use to lock up enemies, on the right is a bar that indicates radar elevation, the bar on the left when I lock an enemy indicates their range in KM.

The TV on the right is displaying battlefield Datalink, Triangles are enemies, Circles are friends, the bar that looks like wings indicates altitude.

Author — Arlios


the Liberation of Gracemeria really has me feelin' it

Author — nick


Video: Has AC6 soundtrack
Me: "Today we are gonna take back Gracemeria!"
Arlios you ever thought of playing AC7?

Author — Fernando Marques


I have a few minor realism questions. You fire an awfull lot of missiles at targets. The plane is of russian origin, the dashboard is littered with cyrrilic, yet when your about to fly into the world the lady in the dashboard yells at you in english, "pull up, pull up"... Editing is excellent though, you could probably get me to watch more of such video's. If you were to upload some...!

Author — Marijn R


I would like some kind of narration/storyline...why are you taking off, then making the left turn? Why did your plane roll over your lead? What are we looking at on your nav (radar?) screen.

Think of it like if you were in the back seat for training purposes. You’re along for the ride so that the pilot can give you tips on what to look for, how to “make the other guy” play your game, not his...sure you can read the instruments but unless the pilot describes what is going on, you’ll be clueless as he rolls, pitches, fires guns and releases flares etc.

Once you land you’d probably be upset that the pilot didn’t say one word...what kind of training is that?

Even if you just went along for the ride, some info on what/where/who as the situation progresses would help a lot.

Just a thought.

Author — VZ_ 342


Using Liberation of Gracemeria as your track I see. Nice.

Author — SuperDan000


Remember kids, fair fights are for suckers!

Author — Slightly Annoyed


i subbed for epic WoWS stuff but really like the mix of dogfight and DCS in this video . a tiny bit of explanation would be nice though . ( wingman & myself up against a flight of 4 enemy)...(fired two a to a missels to try to make sure this guy goes down ), wingman down, just me vs. 2 bandits now ). kinda play by play thing because i dont understand whats happening . know enough to know you did good though !!!
p.s. "whurs me shootie-boat video ?...( its been awhile )

Author — Rob D.B.


Never fight fair, unless you have no other choice. Especially in war games, and actual war.

Author — 44R0Ndin


Damn cant wait to plummet to the ground in 4k

Author — Some rando


Arlios is going to save Gracemeria today

Author — Wiryan Tirta


All Planes, We are going to Defend Tblisi Today

Author — AWACS Ghost Eye


Thought I recognised that music's opening strains

Author — Akshay Anand


Good music man, where did you find it?

Author — Oz DeaDMeaT


I really wish i would understand this game... i maybe would understand if it was intense when the epic music played or if it was comfy... i am comfy... its 3 am and i love my blanket... the music was amazing tho... i really need a kongo body pillow...
Thanks for the video good night

Author — Azureos


No one care about fair dogfights in games or real life; fair fights are for suckers.

Author — Shrike58


..not my content, felt asleep, love some kinds of sims, but flight simulators, okayish for sightseeing because u have plenty of time to watch the landscape, but entertaining action?

Author — C_ S___