Dancing with the dead: Venezuelans turn to desperate measures to survive

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Dancing with the dead: Venezuelans turn to desperate measures to survive 4.5

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Venezuela is facing the worst economic crisis in its history. For those who live in the capital Caracas, daily life is about survival. Public services are barely able to function, the welfare state nothing but a distant memory. Violent crime is on the rise, while prisons are full. From the hospital to the morgue and the cemetery, FRANCE 24’s reporters show you the harsh reality of life in Caracas, where extreme poverty means people are turning to desperate measures to get by.

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I'm going to stop complaining about my life now

Author — Lesley Kramer


That poor woman ! Losing all her heartbreaking.

Author — boldandcourageous 41


I lived in Venezuela for 10 years. I was robbed three times. Every time it was by police!

Author — Rene Renato Rivera


"And in those days
The living
Will envy the dead"

Author — Mark Mims


I’m praying for your the people of Venezuela. I’m so sorry for the mothers loss of her son.🙏

Author — Sherry Beckley


Worshipping the dead, living among the dead and constantly speaking about death will only bring you.... more DEATH!

Author — Bee RaNature


Lord show them ur mercy i pray my heart goes out to these people. Lift them higher let them know ur name

Author — Norma Ajarie


He said "we have to steal" but that is part of the problem. Why should you take someone else's food or guns. This is where society starts to breakdown.

Author — chris spere


It breaks my heart to see such suffering.God bless them.

Author — John John


That's why the Bible said, my people perish because of lack of knowledge it's a pity

Author — Val Vibes


When people lose hope, they find hope anywhere even going as far as idolizing a gangster. SAD

Author — ydely Suarez


Nothing sadder than a child's coffin, but robbing the dead leaves me heartbroken

Author — Neil Tappenden


All of this idolatry in this video made me sick

Author — buster C


I pray for ur country no one deserves to live like this

Author — Beautiful Hawj


That jail condition is worse than the description of hell, wow I’m at a loss of words

Author — jay scott


Cremation will be an ideal solution to avoid graveyard robbery.

Author — Andrew Story


Aag thats sissy stuff. Here in SA Julius Malema speaks to Winnie Mandela boetie!

Author — Herman Smit


The first contact with anything from the spiritual realm is almost always demonic. There are only 2 realms. 1 of light and 1 of Darkness. These so called miracles come from the dark side.

Author — judd davis


Thought I had seen it all until I came across this video.

Author — alfred kibet


I'm thanking God for where i live I'm so bless to be a Jamaican our country is best