Delhi Riots 2020 | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

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Delhi Riots 2020 | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee 4.5

For over four days communal riots between Hindus and Muslims raged in Delhi. In this video, I analyse the reaction of the police, the judiciary, the government and the politicians on how they directly and indirectly influenced the riots and destruction. I also show you how even after the riots are over, some politicians and the Indian Media still continue on furthering the Hindu - Muslim Divide which can be lethal in the future.

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Media 1:39
Police 3:33
Judiciary 6:18
Aftermath 7:41
Solutions 11:07

The first 3:40 minutes of this video has bad audio quality. I apologize for that because the audio file crashed 🙏

Author — Dhruv Rathee


Na Hindu marta hai, Na Muslim

Marta hai to sirf gareeb

Author — Vishal Kumar


Tahir Hussain: I am the culprit, sorry Indian government.

Dhruv ratee: tu hai saint, tujhe pata nahi h

Author —


Tahir Hussain confessed he is MASTERMIND

Author — Yash dhadbale


im here after tahir hussain's confession

Author — sourabh


Reality of Delhi Riots but i will not talk about George Soros and PFI.

Author — Mohit Maheshwari


Remember Humanity is more important than any religion

Author — Gopal Shankhdhar


Where is your TABLIKHI JAMAT VIDEO😀😀😁😁😂😂

Author — Anirban Mukherjee


Bhai tahir Hussain ne confess kr liya jurm😂😂😂
Propaganda se kaam nhi chalega bhai sahab

Author — drinho


Riots in delhi : blame rss
Riots in bangalore : blame it cell
Riots in sweden : blame bhakts
Riots on mars: blame modi

Never blame the religion of peace!

Author — tyrion lannister


I can't find human chain in Sweden 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Kripanah


So dhruv what will you say now tahir hussain has confessed that he was the mastermind of the riot.Dont be the judge bro

Author — Sourav Ramwani


Share about that guy shooting and killing a IB official.

Author — Sreevalsan Melathil


Why don't you update in how the case is unfolding now with Tahir Hussain's confession?

Author — Occam's Chainsaw


"Desh ke Gawaro ko
School bhejo saro ko"

Author — Failure


What was this peaceful religion doing in banglore

Author — Ram Singh


Haan Hindu kabul gaye the na masjid lootne 😶😶😶🤷🏻‍♂️

Author — Yash Tanwar


Waiting for his explanation defending the 'bulla$' for sweden riots

Author — Rahul Jain


Abhi to Delhi riots ke piche tahir Hussain ka hath hai... Tahir Hussain mastermind tha delhi riots ka ur analysis is wrong Dhruv ruthi

Author — Pratank Vardhan


North delhi mai muslim logone 8 temple bachaya, dusre town mai hindu logone masjid bachaye, humanity bure vakt mai hi dikhti hai🙏

Author — sagar kb