Supervillain Origins: Red Hulk

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

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"Who could possibly be angrier than the Incredible Hulk?"

His girlfriend's dad.

Author — Fubukio


I always thought the Red Hulk was a type of evolution that Bruce Banner's Hulk would go through

Author — LoneStarWolf Entertainment


I would like to see General Ross turn into the Red Hulk in Captain America : Civil War.



Red hulk was always such an interesting character well now I know his origins imagine how different world war hulk would be if red hulk were there! I could already imagine an epic fight!

Author — Mr. Wolf


so his moustache just disappears when he transforms

Author — E J


red hulk actually seems a lot cooler than just the hulk, just saying

Author — william Askew


Red Hulk is a anti-hero, not a villain.Make an Anti-Hero Origins.

Author — Gerold Dayne


Finally, thank you WatchMojo, another superhero/villain origin story.

Author — Marc Spector


Should the Red Hulk just be known as "Rulk"?

Author — Oats Carter


He's an interesting fact. The producers of the original T.V. series "The Incredible Hulk" wanted to make Banner's hulk red instead of green.

Author — peabody66


Thank you very much for explaining that! And a very good explanation it was too well done!

Author — Sionnach1601


Red Hulk is amazing, I love him in the infinity stones saga just before fear itself when he turns into an Avenger

Author — Marc Serra Solé


It would of been nice if watchmojo explained red hulk's power. If I remember correctly, they each become more powerful but in different ways.

Author — Perennial Long


I thought of Rulk as more of a anti-hero than a villain. I hope that Marvel brings him back soon.

Author — Craig Johnson


So that's how he became Red Hulk, I already knew who he was, I just wanted to know how he did. Sometimes Ross takes very drastic measures

Author — Blackwing2040


I really like your videos, keep up with the good work.

Author — Blanka Boy


It's about damn time. I really wanted them to do his Origin.

Author — Sammy A.


I would love to see William Hurt turn into the Red Hulk in a post credit scene in CA: Civil War. Maybe Thanos can use him as a pawn to start the Infinity War.

Author — Travis Lee


While Red Hulk has been known as a villain He’s been a great hero as well

Author — Purple Fidelity


I loved the red hulk, it a mystery to finding out who he was!thanks!

Author — Jason Powell