Funny Work Fails & Wins 2020 -Bad day at work-

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Funny Work Fails & Wins 2020 -Bad day at work- 4.5

EPIC FAILS EVERY WEEK - TRY NOT TO LAUGH 😛 Ultimate Funny Fails 2020 😛 Funny Video Compilation 😛

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Shop lifter: I need this to survive the pandemic. You can't catch me!
Clerk: I don't need to catch you I just need this back thank you.

Author — Red eye Loner


4:58 the kid in the background had an overwatch backpack

Author — Fire Tamez


2:57 Oh chuchetumare, se va a caer. Chilean moment 10/10.

Author — Mentrols aka JaviOnLive


1:40 i want to see the disapointed face on the thief when he realizes

Author — Waddle D Segovia.


The last one actually died I'm from that area 😥

Author — ༺ _WALID_ ༻


The lady with the tongs was just so done with life

Author — DovahWolf13


7:58 if you can’t operate a saw you have no business working in construction....

Author — Haggis Mcbagpipe


7:11 o que e aquela massa? Alguem sabe inf...

Author — raphael ajala


Whole new meaning to "taking the piss"

Author — Alpha Wolf Tactical


4:00 ... that's a plane literally taking a dump

Author — Michael Mouse


3:50 - well, that was certainly a law suit

Author — Jimbo 0117


Sooo... was what was coming out of that plane 💩?

Author — Diablo


9:15 are they... oxygenating that mine with a plastic bag?

Author — Jayde R


2:59 I could only imagine what would've happened if there was a guy sitting in the third cab



4:02 that is the toilet system on an commercial Aircraft 😝

Author — Captain Nostromo


3:41 could be described as a comedy of errors

Author — jagobbin


02:13 04:00 04:30 06:25 Aviões e Música Lito

Author — Marconi Morelli


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Author — Rodolfo Vitangcol


The sad thing is these people are allowed to breed.

Author — Loki


6:02 a little help understanding what happened

Author — Dale Bob