The Russian Scandal: The Crème De La Kremlin III | The Daily Show

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The Russian Scandal: The Crème De La Kremlin III | The Daily Show 5

The Daily Show provides an update on Robert Mueller’s investigation and President Trump’s suspicious string of pro-Russia stances.

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💬 Comments on the video

I love that I get my news from comedians

Author — Jose Jeffery Mendoza


If the president can’t be held on the same standards as the people then what is the point of democracy.

Author — Andy alcala


Trump would be a good spy
I mean, he's acting so dumb, everyone thinks there is no chance that he is a spy
And hey, it worked so far

Author — History Egg


I'm waiting on someone to yell "CUT"! and end this charade. It's almost like we are all on a terrible reality show.

Author — Sean Clark


I get all my news from Trevor: I have no regrets.

Author — magdalene adjei


Whatever we did to deserve full episodes on YouTube I'm so glad we did

Author — Jesse Knapp


I swear, Trump is gonna tell us we're at war via Twitter. Also, he always tweeting like he's Smeagol having an arguement with himself.

Author — Courage Karnga


Somewhere, there is George W. Bush laughing at himself for not being the biggest prick in American Presidency history anymore...

Author — DonQuijoteTV


Remember when we thought THIS was the worst thing he did? Corona...

Author — MorgaineRiddlePrince


Shawn Hannity. An unending embarrassment to humanity. Somewhere in there is a rhyme to be made.

Author — digiryde


ea, he can't sit down with Mueller, but he can sit down alone with Putin and Kim...

Author — Anita B.


"I know you didn't just bring up Keisha!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Moni Muppet


Hannity: "Most of these questions are dumb anyway"
Everyone else: Aren't ALL your conspiracies dumb as well?

Author — Espio56 Momene


I feel like news about Trump just repeats itself. He's either lying, defending Putin, rebuking our intel, firing someone, exaggerating, or otherwise having no idea what he's talking about.

Author — Valce


Someone please make a meme out of "who's your vladdy" 😂

Author — Lynn Immel


Trump was only intending to become a PRESIDENT, he does not intend to serve the country. He wanted to satisfy his ego by becoming a PRESIDENT. On the other hand, I personally feel that Obama wanted to serve the country.
It looks as if he wanted to prove a point that he could win his campaign to his critics.

Author — Mallikharjun P


Trump is no spy. He's a puppet. He took the notes because he tears up all the papers he can get his hands on because he learned very early on in business that you don't leave a paper trail. It's just a buffoonery and his own personal corruption.

Author — Takincareof Business


It's hilarious that he has turned the Republican party into nothing more than a cult ……...headed by a man in near complete dementia

Author — John Creighton Crowley


The Creme De La Kremlin. I might be late in saying this but that's a good title.

Author — The Great and Mighty Goddess Aqua


It’s funny how the “Comedy Central World News Headquarters” used to be part of the joke that they aren’t news and shouldn’t be taken seriously where now people watch the daily show as news and take it somewhat seriously

Author — Leon Stalinsky