F-35 - Lightning Strikes Twice (4k)

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F-35 - Lightning Strikes Twice (4k) 5

Royal Netherlands Air Force promotional shoot. F-35A Lightning II putting on another show at a secret location, USA, December 2017.

Video captured by : Dafydd Phillips Photography

Video produced by : BlueSkyCam - Elevated Imagery

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This is honestly some of the best footage of F-35s that's been captured so far, and it's glorious.

Author — MillionFoul


Hope that person on the type writer was able to jot everything down that they needed

Author — Jolly St. Nick


Some cave man found fire and now here we are

Author — g l


that pilot is enjoying putting on a show for the cameras

Author — az stuff


imagine sending one of these back in time to 1943. People would think it's alien technology. Makes me wonder what we'll have in 2070 (assuming we're still around).

Author — Cpt.AirWolf


Are they practicing to do the KESSEL RUN in less than 12 parsecs?? 🤔

Author — syco katz


Just an awesome collage of photos and videos. The F-35 is only at Block 4 and it’s providing the nay sayers wrong. My hat’s off to the great folks at Lockheed Martin. Outstanding aircraft

Author — LA


Recently Japan lost F-35, they made this plane so stealth that it is even harder to find lost plane LMAO..
Brilliant Piece of Technology

Author — Cute Krishna


A REAL airshow, amazing footage of an amazing aircraft. That pilot has got to be in shape the g's have to be crushing

Author — Blades 22


Nice, it’s about time that people are seeing what this plane can really do

Author — Angela Hatch


Amazing footage Dafydd Phillips! One thing I've noticed about the F-35 is that it is pretty visually low observable as well. It's much easier for me to detect F-16s from the side than it is the F-35, due to the tall and very large vertical stabilizer of the F-16.

Author — LRRPFco52


The coordinates at the start of the video point to Area 51.

Author — Daniel Krasnodar


Nice if you have a nearby mountain to stand on just where all this flying takes place!

Author — Collector Guy


Good to see the F35's out and about performing manouveres

Author — Demani Schaffer


Who in their right mind would dislike this video, the sound of that engine, and sexy profile, what is not to like.

Author — GunsOfMassEffect


These pilots are clearly playing up to the camera's. It's fan-bloody tastic!

Author — Sky Bound


Some of the most amazing shots I've ever seen.

Author — Skippi Names


I see and hear the F-35 five times a week and it’s one of the loudest jets I’ve ever heard!

Author — C.S.R


Just as impressive as the last video featuring these! Thanks for the heads up!! Love the shots!

Author — K. T.


"Secret location"

First thing the video does is give Lat and Long. Rofl

Author — LtRiot