Hades Gameplay Beginner’s Guide: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Played (Console)

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Hades Console Release: Beginner’s Guide: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Gameplay
In this Hades Getting Started Guide: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Played, I’m going to talk about the most important tips and tricks that are beneficial to you right from the very beginning of your playthrough. I’ll be discussing the best Weapons you should equip, the resources to chase after, and the upgrades to unlock early on, to name a few.

Hades is an action roguelite developed and published by Supergiant Games. The game is centered on Greek Mythology and the adventures of Zagreus as he seeks to hack and slash his way through the Underworld with the help of the Olympians. Hades will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Xbox Game Pass on August 13, 2021, and is currently available on PC and the Nintendo Switch.

0:00 - 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Played Hades
0:59 - Equip the Best Weapons
1:54 - Chase After Death Defiance and Chthonic Vitality
2:55 - Identify Enemy Tells
3:34 - Constantly Move and Be Aware of Your Surroundings
4:17 - Remember Essential Reward Icons
5:49 - Prioritize the Boons of Specific Olympians
6:25 - Manage High Risks High Rewards
7:13 - Choose the Best Keepsakes
8:12 - Focus on Unlocking Work Orders
8:52 - Dying Isn’t the End

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The single most useful boon in the game is Athena's dash boon, Divine Dash. Always try to get this. It makes your dashes invincible and deflects projectiles.

Author — Charles Jones


Hades is one of the best rougelites that I have ever played and I 100% recommend anyone to grab this on console, you will not be disappointed!

Author — kiljadaen


A tip from me, always take Athena's dash. ALWAYS. Not only it make few bullethell moments almost bearable, it also increases I-frames and makes them visible, what makes learning timing just trival. Take it even if you aren't going to parry at all and you don't need to upgrade it once.
Also there is one keepsake which gives you gold, and you >don't< lose it if you swap that keepsake. So feel free to take it and swap asap.

Author — Rawen 1


Try focusing on 2-3 Gods per run Max since it makes your chance of getting the same gods and higher rarity go up by a big amount

Author — hashito romkatt


Fantastic game. Still unlocking dialogue, items and knocking out challenging heat runs 250 hrs +
Bouldy approves!

Author — ORION


The Deflect Dash you get from Athena is stupid good. I took that every time I saw it when I played this game.

Author — Just A Chad


For a more advanced level i wanted to know which boons to chose for which weapons, and to put them on the attack or special
With my experience i learned that boons that do alot of damage like athena, aphrodite, and demeter, are very good on slow / powerful attacks (especially on the hidden aspects of the weapons like Arthur sword or the hidden bow aspect)

Author — Dhieen


This was a very helpful starting guide, having just started Hades and being less familiar with roughlikes. Thanks

Author — Sammy


I literally just started and stumbled across Ares’ doom on special hits while using the shield…that was significantly more viable for me, personally, than the bow unless I got the +dmg to armor upgrade on its volley fire. I just run around chucking the shield at mobs and the ricochets spread doom ticks like fire lol. 🤷🏽

Author — Bob513


Definitely on my list, looks great and well priced, but backlog +Elden Ring in front 😁👍

Author — shakybeeves


The best keepsake you want to get is actually Pierced Butterfly from Thanatos. It gave percentage damage increase for every room you clear without taking damage. Since the earlier room is really easy you should get at least 10-20% damage amplifier when you reach Elysium

Author — Icex Aoki


This looks like a very addicting dungeon crawler rouge like action game. The combat and atmosphere looks incredible

Author — Philip Deppen


I stopped playing Hades to watch this video. Finished 240 runs and still going strong.

Also thank you for your guides. Couldn't have finished Salt and Sanctuary without your wiki.

Author — Shubham Kumar


Great game, , best combo for me is the Poseidon dash, and the the double dash mirror ability. Upgrade the Poseidon dash as much as possible, and all you have to do is just dash around. Don't even have to use your weapon.

Author — PizzaTimeGaming


Honestly most of the boons are pretty good for beginning, though I'd say the only one you wouldn't want for beginners is Ares for he is great for once you really gotten a hang of the fight system. Though since I'm not a Roguelike person I play it more like an RPG type game and the game seems to like you playing it like an RPG. So I treat the dungeons more like grind sessions before returning home to catch up with Cerberus, Hades, Nyx, Hypnos, Skelly, and Achilles. The game never feels like you lost just because it is built up to feel like you are supposed to lose and beyond Hades no one really takes jabs at you for dying even your character doesn't feel defeated when he loses.

Author — aaron rumph


The bullrush is OP and I love it. IF you use it wisely you can go through the game with minimal damage

Author — StreamTO


I can't stop playing this game! Supergiant is an incredibly talented developer

Author — I am The Black Wizard


I almost beat this thing with the shield. It's my favorite weapon.

Author — jeff ghant


Olympian Gods Abilities Status Effect:
Artemis: Critical Damage, generally good for beginners. Go well with spear or bow. Additional, homing arrows are fire if use special or after attack.
Ares: Doom, burst damage after the attack. His rift blades are good tool for ccs and a good way to clear out boss. Work best with a gun build or spear.
Apthrodite: Weak, IMO, might be the weakest of all abilities (no pun intended). Good for the a gauntlet build or shield build since it is reduce the damage you take when melee. It’s best for as a support abilities to help stack up other gods effect.
Athena: Deflect, good at against projectile attack. Recommend for Shield Build or Sword Build. She also provide additional defensive option when out of Death Defiance or against Traps.
Demeter: Chill, literally, the best aoe effect in the game. Good for any kind of build, but only the later of the story since it ties into the lore of Zagreus.
Dionysus: Hangover, which slow the enemies through his festive fogs. Good for sword build or gun build for its aoe effect. He also provide good source for health buffs and healing.
Hermès: Speed, since this is what he is known for. Provide additional attack speed and movement speed in sticky situation. Always go for him since the later stage are generally harder and require a lot fast reaction.
Poiseidon: Knock-back, by the wave of the sea. Good as an dash option, good for sword, spear and gun builds. His abilities can also provide some good buff for resources to upgrade, and he also give you a fishing rod as a tool to farm resource.
Zeus: Lightning, hence why he is the god of lightning, IMO, most underrated in the game. His lighting can juggle through enemies when hits. Good for spear, shield, or gauntlets build. He can also deal extra damage to enemies that try to attack you, and it’s a good balance for offense and defense purposes. Plus he can help you charge your Ultimate Abilities.

Overall, those are the general description of the abilities effects of each Olympians Gods. It’s just also my opinion and words on how it works, and what I like to build with. Feel free to experiment and have fun with it.

Author — Jake Do


Been scoring a lot of great deals lately, most of the games go right to the 'to be played soon-ish' shelf. Not Hades! Been excited since the console announcement, as evident by me mashing the track package button on this pre-order all day! 🤣

Author — Joshua David