What If Earth Orbited UY Scuti?

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What If Earth Orbited UY Scuti? 5

UY Scuti: It's the largest star that we've ever discovered. And if it were to replace our Sun, it would change a lot more than just the amount of sunscreen you'd have to put on. Like, how long would it take for our planet to orbit this massive star? What would that do to our seasons? And would we even survive a single orbit?

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What if: what if we orbited UY Scuti
Our Sun : what have I done wrong

Author — Aman Tripathi


This takes “the sun is a deadly laser” to a whole new level

Author — RisePhoenix


"Summers would only be heard in legends."

Me: *travels to the other hemisphere*


Author — sad bruh


People at the planet revolving around UY SCUTI: What if our planet orbitted the sun?

Author — kiran singh


Earth: moves to UY Scuti
Sun: you cheated on me??

Author — Isaiah T.dx33


Short answer: we will die
Long answer: we will die but scientifically

Author — tony pop


Yah, we have discovered the largest, most violent object ever observed!"

Let's call it Scuti!

Who should name it?



UY Scuti it is!!!

Author — Casey Todd


"Summer might be something they've heard about in legends"
Being from the UK, I can relate

Author — Table Corner Fox


"Its one of the largest thing the human race has ever discovered"

The first being your mom

Author — Nubivagant


Before watching this video,
me: *Let me guess, we'll die*
What If: "Once again, What IF has killed off the entire human race"
me: *~breathe of relieve~*

Author — Bobby Bah


Sun : we die
Uy Scuti : we die with passion

Author — Merci x


'Winter is Coming' has a whole different meaning around UY Scuti

Author — iamthekaus


What if: a supernova is the largest explosion that takes place in space
Hypernovas: are we a joke to you

Author — Marley Fowler


"It’s one of the largest things the human race has ever discovered."

Me whose ping is *WAY* too high.

Author — go away fool


"UY Scuti is located in scrutum constellation"
Oops my bad
"It's scutum constellation"

Author — Jabami Yumeko


“earth orbits UY Scuti”

UY Scuti: Looks like I took another planet!

Sun: “I used to rule the world seeing the streets I used to own.”

Author — Sora Candles


What If: WhAt iF eArTh OrBiTeD UY sCuTi

Our Sun: Where did it all go wrong?

Author — Kitchen Ninja


"Maybe it's better if we leave the Earth where it is..."

Lmao. As if we could move it, or UY Scuti, in the first place 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Pastel Palettes BanG DreaM


We have to apply new "UY Scuti Cream" instead of "Suns cream"

Author — Anirban Das


This should just be called how the human race will die series 😂

Author — Yofresh