Why Are So Many Historians Baffled with the Sumerians - Beyond the Riddle

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Why Are So Many Historians Baffled with the Sumerians - Beyond the Riddle 4.5
The Anunnaki were believed to be the offspring of An and his consort, the earth goddess Ki. Samuel Noah Kramer identifies Ki with the Sumerian mother goddess Ninhursag, stating that they were originally the same figure. The oldest of the Anunnaki was Enlil, the god of air and chief god of the Sumerian pantheon

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You know this is a great production when the guy says exspecially. Lol

Author — flatblackstrat


You’re talking about Sumerians but are showing Assyrian art. Both were Mesopotamian civilizations but very different. The Assyrians are responsible, though, for preserving much of their texts

Author — Billy Dee


expecially. expresso. and they had exp.

Author — Rick D


Humans are very clever, but also very stupid. We can invent these tales in fascinating detail and then forget we invented them.

Author — Darrin Funk


Well done, but cringed when you said "Sumeria." The land of the Sumerians was called Sumer.

Author — Fate Is Not The Same For All


i cant remember i cant recall i cant remember anything at all

Author — littleclay


I didn't hear anything after "exspecially"

Author — S W Rath


If the Sumerians are this Worlds First advanced civilization then I'm the Man in the Moon. There are too many megaliths that are FAR Older than the Sumerians. And we're supposed to accept and believe without question the idea that the Sumerians just sprang up one Spring Day with everything we know to day as advanced civilization? I do not buy it and I never will!

Author — Lord Delacroix


if we were able to procreate with another species, then explain to me how we couldn't with our own kind?

Author — Adam Davis


“...empties the great pyramid of its equipment...”

Author — POV LA


Anytime I hear a narrator say "expecially", I know I'm in for some quality content.

Author — 8literbeater


Stone, the first solid state computers ever.
DNA storage capabilities too.
No electricity needed

Author — Noneshere


Enki was born first and passed over for the Kingship of earth !

Author — Terry Cihat


So, the only ppl liable for Reparations, is the Annunakki! Where do I send the bill?

Author — jeffrey spinner


This channel deserves more recognition

Author — Straight No Chaser


Wow what a perfect synopsis and compliation of scattered history of the past nicely put together thank you very much I feel better-educated from this.

Author — zorroon milkavitch


What were the lifespans of these beings? It sounds like they live for centuries or millennia.

Author — John Keck


Got to have something to do with the Democrats?

Author — Rodney Snider


so...how does the 14, 000 year old village discovered in BC canada fit in? the people who lived on the island still exist and still talk about the island today, in 2019. that was apparently 2000 years before the flood.

Author — pandastylearmy


Clay envelopes obviously of extraterrestrial origin.

Author — Michael Mallal