Jaran_0413 Present's:Boy's vs Girls singing battle! *funny scene's include*

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Jaran_0413 Present's:Boy's vs Girls singing battle! *funny scene's include* 5

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Who wants meh to join his youtube channel???

Author — Jandy Fontanilla


Now I miss my girlfriend after my mom made me move schools
Like = 1 prayer

Author — Ken Nguyen


Me: * sees this video *
Also me: You know when this girl ties up her hair and takes off her earrings it’s about to go DOWNNNN
(Edit) thank you myself for liking my own comment =D

Author — LuciPlayz Roblox


When Max and Brian were crying and screaming I had too laugh and ended up crying from laughter!
1 like=1 prayer and sorry for them.

Author — AvaDaDouble DeckerBuisciut


They sing Soo good but Jessie and Kyle just crying and ruining the scene 😾 but damn it's good love it!😍

Author — Emerald Yap


Everyone else: soo happy about everyones elses couples

Mean while

Kyle and jessie having a break down be like

Author — Tiger Lily


Your best friend goes psycho when she sings.
Wendy: I'm bored already.

Edit: WHAT?!? 185 likes? Thanks so much guys!!!!

Author — Shanaya Ungos


As soon as it said petra is singing take a mint I was like how why they just missed and she's singing that song

Author — Riley Gilkeson


Why did everyone blushed when they saw tye picture?

Stan:sends picture to friends

All stan friends:Just *BLUSHES FOR NO REASON*

Author — Daren PlayZ


Petra: sings take a hint
Me:sees brian crying
Also me:LMFAO

Author — Dawn Brown


I feel bad for the boys when they all reject them during take a hint...😢😂

Author — Glazing Stars


I didn’t realise it was like 40 mins long😂

Edit:Omg thanks for over 200 likes☺️

Author — Sian Hall


A year or so ago I felt just like Jessie. I was listening to “Impossible” on a loop

Author — Kesia Piotrowski élève


When patrick ask jessica why you crying I was like "WHY ARE YOU NOT ASKING THAT TO KYLE AND JESSIE"

Author — MollyTheGamer :D


How to kill ur girlfriend in 2 easy steps:

1: Call your creator/editor

2: turn into a cute vampire

Author — CuttyKitty37


Patrick:-plays a riff i know- Me: Yep this my jam.🎸

Author — Smarmy Neb.


I love the part with the "LET GO OF And the "I WANT MY MOMMY!" I cracked up for that. 1 like= A prayer for Max and Brian

Author — Ainsleigh Gray


When kyle started singing i was like oh no no no

Author — Bella Santros


When petra sings: ._.
When Kyle sings: :O

Author — Wanda Galaxy


When Wendy and max kisesed I was like SHIP

Author — Ardian Syah