WWE 12 - Space Ghost vs Rorscach vs Sub Zero [Triple Threat Match]

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

Two and a half debuts here for the M4G Nation! Space Ghost and Rorschach are stepping in to the arena for the first time, and Sub Zero is coming back off a Royal Rumble appearance in which he had to get neck surgery for. But he is back! These three men will fight until the first pinfall or Submission. Each of these men has what it takes to score victory, but who will it be? Find out....now!




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Wow there has been a lot of debuts lately, im liking this

Author — peter parker


There needs to be a debut superstar battle royal. Winner joins the m4gnation and gets a shot at any title.

Author — D J


Rorschach completely dominated that, he deserved that win

Author — macbuff1994


hey i'm concern do you to pay money to be on your website?

Author — Aris Williams


get rid of the shoulder blocks on the move sets. they never hit and it looks rediculous.

Author — You Can Moo It!


I mean if you have to money to do any thing on your website

Author — Aris Williams