Myth Hunters - The Curse of Montezuma's Gold

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Myth Hunters - The Curse of Montezuma's Gold 4.5

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So, the proof of this Aztec treasure was a delusional man's dreams and a map he apparently stole from Mexico. The map shows seven hills and a swap, which could be anywhere in Mexico and perhaps has nothing to do with a treasure.

Author — Truth Seeker


44:21 i see a 3 faces carved on the wall

Author — michael john abalos


Carbon dating has been shown to be inaccurate.

Author — Shawn M


So we are to believe they drilled a hole and found gold at the tip of the drill bit. Then they put a camera down the hole and saw a stature or some figure, and gave up? I call shenanigans or BS.

Author — Bob Hope


"He hopped on his bike" Literally a bicycle for 300 miles??? Ain't. No. Way. Jose.

Author — Grim Reaper


I watched it through, only to raise one question in the end. “ how is Billy Crystal related to Freddie Crystal?”

Author — foxmatte


That's awesome that they found the ancient Native American burial ground.

Led to them by some random Native visitors one day, able to decipher inscriptions found in Arizona, and on their property.

The archaeological value is arguably more than any "treasure" they could have found.

Author — TWSTF 8


Do you know money is the root of all evil ??? Its a curse

Author — Angel Rod


LOL - "it was a type of rock carving ... known as a 'rock carving' ..."

Author — antigen4


Not sure what's going on there or if it's real, but it is pretty amazing and cool that they came across a 4, 000 year old ancient native American burial site.

Author — JosephusXIX


So basically he wanted to steal their gold. Wow what's new

Author — Walter Bell


Very cool and engaging story. It was so captivating that I didn't need an ending.

Author — Heidi Pastore


Im gonna ask someone to hit me with a crowbar! 😀

Author — Kutarinkashi


Love stories like this, its like : you never

Author — ebe


This was the best treasure documentary I've ever seen was well documented, well narrated, clear story, humorous (esp about Freddie Crystal part), full of good suspense - absolutely awesome!! and you wonder why I gave up TV in favor of youtube

Author — Denis Zackarini


No one expects the Spanish Conquisition !

Author — K L


I've always wanted t say " Gold at last". the empty rocking chair at 23:54 was a nice touch.

Author — Franky Vielle


A 3000 year old burial grave is a amazing find. That’s a bigger find than montezumas gold. Especially since they were using hieroglyphs.

Author — LONE WOLF777


For all the gold that is beneath the moon, Or ever has been, of these weary souls. Could never make a single one repose.

Author — Anonimni Profil


What really happened: Monte "melt into new coins" empire continues elsewhere

Author — RC Hunter