Pilots final words before plane crash in Mesa

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Pilots final words before plane crash in Mesa 4
Friends reflect on the lives of mesa plane crash victims Alan Ram and Krista Buchanan.

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You had electrical problems Friday and leave the ground again with passengers, not a wise thing to do if i am reading this correctly.

Author — romantic340


100% pilot error.

"I've got an electronic problem and I've HAD IT BEFORE."

kids, don't put airplanes in the sky when your plane isn't right.

Author — Frodo Baggins


Very sad to hear to someone's final words "I'm about to go dead" before they really do.

Author — NEiL


"I'm about to go dead" ... Well he got that right !!

Author — Garry


2:01 "I'm about to go dead".

Author — damachine3


*If everyone who dies were as good, selfless, and willing to help anyone as they’re always made out to be, there wouldn’t be any assholes.*

Author — Red Bluesome


" I'm about to go dead". Yep.

Author — James Comer


Wow😢 I know he was talking about the electrical problem but when he said he was about to”...go dead..” & then was going to”...cross over..” before landing.. Those words jumped out at me..😔🙏

Author — Susan Hughan


Amazing that he stayed calm knowing he "was about to go dead". A clairvoyante

Author — JC Mills


Lan Care Evolution.. Good old reporters who can’t even pronounce Lancair.

Author — 427SuperSnake1


Damn I should have gotten the electrical problems fixed...

Author — Harlan Mote


Rich guy, makes a bad judgment call, and kills himself, and a young sugar baby. Not very smart.

Author — B W


Hate to see this happen to a pilot like this...
“Tower Mayday Mayday mayday Declaring an emergency, proceeding to a right base runway 22L clear the traffic..” worry about paperwork later
total electrical failure, engine problem, flight control, gear problem, problem, fuel problem Dont even think about it... declare an emergency. You will be amazed at how nice the controllers get when u do... Dont know if this would have saved him but who knows? Maybe

Author — PeterTheSAGAFan


The first effort of the pilot to save the plane and passangers. When he observes that he cannot reach near by airport, every thing is gone from his hand then he call 'mayday mayday. The last message to air controller "we are gone" This is the extreme sorry that I did not save my plane., passangers and crew. The driver of Railway train while passing a station in Sukkur division when saw that another train is standing on the same line said we are gone. The accident caused casualty of about three hundred passengers including driver and his assistant. Sorry for air and train accidents. Engr Nabi Bakhsh Marwat Lahore

Author — Nabi Bakhsh


RIP, but he should have thought twice about going up again before making sure the issue was resolved. But then again, he probably thought he fixed it. Hard to know. But all in all, RIP to both who perished.

Author — Manny L


Sounds like he has an issue with that thing thats between his ears.

Author — genegeneish


So he knew about electrical problems but decided to fly again? Doesn't make any sense especially to take the young girl with him. This is pilot error and he should of known better....

Author — Born Patriot


electric failure without reporting smoke? could have had a heart attack/stroke with all the stress?

Author — scooter Dave


Read the report. Sounds like a classic stall spin. He might have lost his airspeed indication with his electrical issue and made this deadly mistake.

Author — Richard Mazur


LANDED in the middle of a golf course? You call that a landing?

Author — Ammar Abbasi