Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 17th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 17th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News 4.5

White House acknowledges Ukraine aid withheld in part to investigate Democrats, Trump to host G7 summit at Trump Doral golf resort in 2020, and Elijah Cummings, congressman and civil rights leader, dies at 68.

1:30 W.H. Admits Tying Ukraine Aid To Demands To Investigate Dems
3:01 EU Ambassador: Trump Outsourced Ukraine Policy To Giuliani
4:09 Rick Perry To Step Down As Trump's Energy Secretary
4:29 U.S. & Turkey Agree To Temporary Cease-Fire In Syria
6:32 Pelosi Seizes On Photo Trump Tweeted Of White House Showdown
8:16 White House: Trump To Host G7 Summit At His Own Resort
9:35 Longtime Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings Dies At 68
11:04 California's New Earthquake App Gives Residents Early Warning
12:40 Sallie Mae Employees Celebrate In Hawaii As Student Debt Soars
16:23 New Video Purportedly Shows Danger Before Hard Rock Collapse
16:54 Hard Rock Hotel Collapse Survivor Speaks Out For First Time
18:04 Study: Toxic Metals Found In 95 Percent Of Baby Foods Tested

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 17th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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Prayers for the Cummings family and friends.

Author — Fabian LovesLaw


take the time to make your own baby food, whats your kid worth to you?

Author — skyclimber7


Well Done NBC. Thank you for letting me watch your news. (I live in an area where there is no over the air TV)

Author — Therabbitslayer


Misconstrued??? "Get over it" is kinda hard to

Author — AliEvaMari


If Obama had a property thl was selected to host a major event while in office there would have been an outcry and impeachment

Author — YD Schools


quoth the moron party "you didn't hear what you heard, don't believe anything you read or hear, truth isn't truth" hahahahaha just as faux "news' tried saying drumpf never said he was holding up a Normandy memorial for an interview

Author — Pvt Read


Now we know why Mulvaney doesn't do press conferences

Author — Rich D


Mulvaney went from "can't stand Trump" to being his biggest apologist. How does he face his children when it comes to having principles?

Author — Pietro Jenkins


Everyone in Trump's administration is either under indictment or criminal investigation.

Author — Ricky Raven


He told the truth for a change and then lied to cover it up, wicked cowards.

Author — Jambo Never Again


“This happens all the time” “get over it” later...”my words, recorded on video, were misunderstood “

Author — Earnest Brown


Anything, ANYTHING besides the Orange thing in charge in a time if War??? He bankrupted a CASINO??.

Author — Alex Walker


We love you Elijah Cummings. Thank you.

Author — silky Robinson


Lol. Sondland: “I don’t have a reputation to salvage”.

Author — Parslow Pongbert


I rode the underground "Memebers" train from the Longworth H.O.B. to the Capitol. As a staffer your not allowed on the train unless your with a member of Congress. I was with my boss but got left behind when the car was completely full on the train...unbeknownst to me, Mr. Cummings witnessed this and immediately put his hand on my shoulder and said we will catch the next one.
It was then my pleasure to chat with Mr. Cummings for the next 5 minutes as we waited and then boarded the next train. He was humble, personable and extremely funny. He did not treat me like the young hill staffer that I was at the time. We chatted about each others road to congress and what my ambitions were. He was gracious and generous. We reached the Capitol and the voting bell was sounding...he turned to me and said.."I hope I will be here long enough to see you cast some votes on the house floor." and with that he gave me his infamous smile, turned and walked into the floor.
I stood there for at least 30 seconds in complete disbelief in how nice he was. As a young congressional aide you are low on the pecking order and the rare few MOC's that treat you like a human being, you always remember. I never forgot that story and have often shared it when asked. It seems more relevant now then it did 30 years ago with the way partisan politics has steadily moved towards the gutter rather then honoring their oath and respecting the institution and its members.
RIP EJC. You were one of the greats.

Author — Jay St. Clair


Tonight on NBC news: Trump fires everyone who has ever even mentioned Ukraine! The poor man does not seem to understand that firing people does not make them disappear magically, like it did when he was hosting Deal.
Is our president confused? Does he believe running a nation is like hosting Deal? He is certainly acting that way! Over to you, Lester!

Author — Henry Niemi


The U.S. is a sinking ship full of corruption, with only enough boats for the wealthy and well connected.

Author — Jaime Hernandez


Well, let's see:

-The leader's authority is seen as absolute by their followers, without meaningful accountability. (Yup.)

-Hatred for and targeting of individuals involved in any critical inquiry. (the harassment and terrorism by white right-wingers)

-Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies, and persecutions. ( @t )

-Whenever the leader is criticized or questioned, it is characterized as "persecution". (See the link above, as well as screaming about Coups)

-The leader's followers will attempt to justify anything the leader does, no matter how harsh or harmful. (Oh

That plus the fact that a Trump supporter tried to claim in court the his MAGA hat was a holy symbol has me thinking they should just start calling themselves the first church of Trumpology, build a golden statue of him to pray to and be done with it.

Author — Michael Adams


He wastes his life defying, being hateful, lying, spewing errors into the world, cheating, conniving and being rude. How could someone walk the earth with so much rage inside. He’s got to be miserable.

Author — Johnny Grijalva


TYSM for uploading the full news show here.

Author — ysraelc1