All four ex-officers charged in George Floyd case

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All four ex-officers charged in George Floyd case 5

The former Minneapolis Police officer who pressed his knee into George Floyd's neck was charged with second-degree murder and the three other officers on scene during his killing are charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder, according to court documents.

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The fact that it took the *entire world* protesting to charge these officers..

Author — Vani


If it wasnt filmed they would ALL BE FREE. You know i am right.

Author — Luca S.


I don't like how they're talking about how fast they were arrested, If This Were the other way around they would have been arrested the same day

Author — K Deloris


IF they are acquitted, the phrase “hell on earth” will definitely become true

Author — Captain MelvinSeahorse


It takes the whole world for one black man to get justice amazing

Author — Bible Prophecy


if they get convicted, neither of them will be alive more than a month.

Author — Loo Boo


"I give a a lot of credit to the Minnesota attorney general"
....more like I give a lot a credit with all the protesting, because otherwise none of this would have happened.

Author — Nzingha


*_*slow claps*_*
Great job, it only took 2 weeks of protests and violence to charge all 4 of them. *PROGRESS*

Author — DJ Doppler


It’s truly sad when a mans legacy is greater after his death than during his life.

Author — Open Eye


Imagine if this video had never been recorded.

RIP to all victims of police brutality who never made it on a camera

Author — Snow Chan


It took a whole nation along with the outrage of other countries to get justice?

Author — Trent Murren


The worst part is that he was unarmed and begging for help. Honestly its so ironic how the people who are meant to save your life end up taking it instead its really so messed up.

Author — kendra johnson


This would never had happened if weren't filmed

Author — Battalion lead


I know if someone talked about how my dad was murdered live on footage I would’ve broke down, he’s a strong one

Author — Lord Ronan


"The power of the cell phone video"
They saw the video and didn't do anything about it.
They didn't charge them because they saw the video. They charged them because WE saw the video.

Author — Sttroner


If the people didn’t make too much noise rgd the death of Floyd then he’ll just be among the list of death due to POLICE INCOMPETENCY

Author — Delta Tango


To prevent future police brutality a legislation should be passed to this effect

Author — Space NewThought


Why put his son through all of this ?!!

Author — gogo capo


I'm so glad they all got charged!!...they are monsters!!!...

Author — oofman 99


The medical examiner needs to be investigated! He changed his report after the independent autopsy results were released.

Author — Katherine Kwok