Why Stradivarius violins are worth millions

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Why Stradivarius violins are worth millions 5

Many musicians prefer these 300-year-old instruments, but are they actually worth it?

Antonio Stradivari is generally considered the greatest violin maker of all time. His violins are played by some of the top musicians in the world and sell for as much as $16 million. For centuries people have puzzled over what makes his violins so great and they are the most scientifically studied instruments in history. I spoke to two world class violinists who play Stradivarius violins as well as a violin-maker about what makes Stradivari so great.

Special thanks to Stefan Avalos for the Stradivari research footage.

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*If you can sell it slow, you can sell it fast*

Author — A Salad


My middle school orchestra teacher had a Stradivarius violin and he never EVER let it out of his sight. He'd bring it lunch, to board meetings, even on field trips. When he retired he sold it for 5.6 million dollars and now he lives in a mansion in Wisconsin. Lucky guy

Author — Y2Keos


Roses are red
Violets are blue
No matter where you are,
TwoSetViolin comments haunt you

Author — Daniel Kim


Damn. Imagine if the cab driver knew what that was.

Author — Exusiai


3:17 that's a viola, ling ling is disappointed with you, vox

Author — Akif Sulaiman


I can make that stradatarious sound like a $25 violin

Author — Jeep kid


Antonio made estimated 1100 instruments and only around 650 survived

this is because lingling owns the rest of the strads

Author — n i n a


I see TwoSetViolin inside jokes in *every* violin related video i watch

*ling ling is proud.*

Author — send help


Did the taxi driver return it with no strings attached?

Author — Trevor Miles


Can we take a moment and appreciate the coolest name ever : "Urelli Corelli"???

Author — Penrose


When i hear "strad" i always think of a "strat" stratocaster

Author — Valentin


Anything that costs more than a million is a part of me too and has a soul and has an imagination too.

Author — Mandip Dangol


People are missing the point. It's not about superior sound.
It's about the ease at which the Strads allow the players to achieve the sound 2:05

Author — Zh


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Violets are blue,
Placebos are real,
Stradivari agrees too.

Author — naota3k


“Even if your not a musician like me”
*Yeah this wasn’t made by a musician.*

Author — Blue Lanterns


"It's literally a link to the past", proceeds to NOT play Zelda music... missed opportunity

Author — André Corazza Miguens


It's also pretty cool that they are played to this day and not just in storage in someone's collection.

Author — Renan da Silveira Santos


Why did this show up in my recommended right after two-set's strad video lol

Author — Payton L


*Lingling wants to know your location*

Author — Ciel Blue


“Everyone’s heard of a Stradivarius violin” well I must be living under a rock

Author — Scott Wong