Why BLDC Motor is used in Electric Vehicle | BLDC Motor Cost in India

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Cost of BLDC motors in India, why BLDC motors are widely used in Electric vehicles. Recent days most of the electric cars and scooters are manufacturing with BLDC motors.

This video explains why BLDC motors are widely used in Electric Vehicles,, alternative for BLDC motors and price of BLDC motors in INDIA.

How can you import BLDC motor from China is explained in this video.

1. In comparison to ACIMs, BLDCMs are expensive to manufacture but are very efficient (85-90%), lighter in weight, compact in size & Simpler to control the speed and reverse function than the ACIMs.

2. For China, it has become easy to produce BLDCMs in huge numbers. Currently, China is producing Low, Medium and High Powered BLDC Motors for EVs in huge numbers and supplying all over the world.

3. Motors like PMSMs and IPMMs are much better(in efficiency with no torque ripple & less noise) than BLDC but they are more expensive to manufacture. So due to more availability and good performance BLDC Motors are being used in almost every light vehicles.

Cost of BLDC Motors in India
Generally, most of the BLDC Motors are imported from China. As per my experience from my extensive research on the cost of BLDC Motors(with different power rating), the cost of 900w BLDC starts from Rs.2200 and for 1kW starts from Rs.2400. And for 1.5kW, 2.5kW, 3kW, 4kW and so on, I do not have the exact rates because from every seller it’s a different rate.
Currently, the cost of BLDC Motors and its Controllers are high in our country because most are imported from China. China is producing most of the BLDC Motors of different power rating in large quantities. So the cost is not so expensive inside the Chinese market for Chinese people.

Sites to buy BLDC Motors

Alternative to BLDC Motor
AC Induction Motor(ACIM), Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(PMSM), Interior Permanent Magnet Motor(IPMM), these three are the alternatives to BLDC Motor.

Many EV Manufacturers are using PMSM & IPM Motors, but they are not widely available for individual customers to use as conversion kits or for other purposes but BLDC Motors are widely available for conversion of the existing ICE Vehicles into Electric.

AC Induction Motors are also available in the Chinese sites for Conversion of your existing ICEV. Some sellers in India may be importing the ACIM for Conversion Kits, but we don’t see the demand for ACI Motors due to the benefits of BLDC Motors over ACI Motors.

So due to the above reasons we see BLDC Motor as the quick choice for people demanding EV Kits for their conversion projects and for other commercial purposes.


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After researching for the last two weeks we have compiled the Top 4 Things you need to know about BLDC fans.
Top BLDC fans
Rank 1 - Atomberg Renesa, by far the best based upon 2000 user reviews, Rating 4.4/5. @t
Rank 2 - Efficio by Atomberg, second best based upon 1400 reviews, Rating 4.3/5 - @t
Rank 3 - Superfan, 5 Star Energy Rated, New Seller - @t
Rank 4 - Jupiter Tricopter fan, with remote, Rating 4/5 @t
. Reasons to Buy
1. BLDC is not revolutionary fan it is not new age, but BLDC technology has been in Research and Development. As per the Research report published in the year 2009 "The improvements of the new structure of a brushless DC (BLDC) motor with the low cogging torque for the ceiling fan is presented. The new type ceiling fan is designed by using BLDC motor theory and the six-step wave form for the purpose of the manufacture cost reduction. The energy also can be saved at least 50% when the new type motor is compared to the conventional fan based on the induction motor. The cogging torque also can be improvement by using the sin back EMF voltage with the sine wave form currents. The new BLDC motor is required to meet both of the basic ceiling fan control and the cost reduction."
2. Energy Saving ? Going through all the products in the market, most of the fans are in the 40-80W range. Typical ceiling fans made with the conventional design are made of single-phase induction electric motor. Most of the prevailing fan manufacturers used aluminium than copper in the fan, as it is cheaper. But aluminium is less energy efficient. The end result is that most of the traditional technology fans consumed about 70-80 watts of electricity. The air delivery of these fan ranges between 210 to 250 m3/min. After the BEE launched the SEEP program, these manufacturers had to increase copper content and also improved blade designs in a bid to enhance energy efficiency. The result was BEE 5 star rated fans that would consume about 25-40 watts of electricity which were also called super-efficient fans. If your yearly fan consumption is 410 units, then you would be typically paying Rs. 2463.75, if you use BLDC fan it will come to around Rs. 1000
Final Conclusion - For individual fans this might not be very Efficient, but for large places like Institutions, Factories, Colleges, etc, this will save a lot of money ~30-45%
3. Usage - Few provide remote control.
4. Final Conclusion - So, we have done the market analysis and review of BLDC fans offered by reliable brands in this post. Besides the brands covered in this article, there are other 20+ players offering 5-star rated BLDC fans. These brands include names like Eveready, Luminous, Venus, Surya etc. In our research, we have found that Gorilla and Superfan to come with the best service value rating i.e., the ratio of air delivery to power. Or in other words, they give out maximum air while using minimum power. When it comes to warranty, Superfan and Crompton give 5 years warranty which is best amongst established BLDC manufacturing brands.

Now, the price of the BLDC fans is on a higher side, but if we take into consideration the electricity costs which is bound to increase with time, opting for a super-efficient 5-star rated BLDC fan makes a lot of sense. With the BEE making norms for obtaining 5-star energy rating harder, the models which are newly rated by BEE are extremely energy efficient consuming just around 25-35 watts of power. We at BijliBachao have always advocated for BLDC fans right since its inception and we are happy to know that over the last few years people are increasingly opting for BLDC fans over ordinary fans. We hope that this analysis would help you select a right BLDC fan and you would make a small contribution towards energy saving and conserving the environment by opting for a BLDC fan the next time you decide to purchase a ceiling fan.

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Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu) based EMF Innovations, a firm highly involved in making different types of motors and controllers. For Buying you can also prefer this company. Details are available in there website.

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