Rare Mayan Tomb Found with Egyptian Style Burial in Belize

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Rare Mayan Tomb Found with Egyptian Style Burial in Belize 5
Archaeologists have uncovered what may be the largest royal tomb found in more than a century of work on Maya ruins in Belize, along with a puzzling set of hieroglyphic panels that provide clues to a “snake dynasty” that conquered many of its neighbors some 1,300 years ago.

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yeah they already got DNA off the mummy he's being grown now in an evil lab somewhere

Author — Michele Mullis Rebellee


I find my ancestors to be positively mesmerizing. Even when I'm actually there, i feel a deep connection to my consciousness

Author — QTee


Thank you, ShantiUniverse. I love archaeological discoveries of the American continent, and this is a great one! Thanks for the beautiful images & your lovely narration. I just wish the video was longer in time =( But I loved it.

Author — ña


There's the Reptilian's popping up again.

Author — ThirdEyeJedi


“Most Maya tombs were built intrusively”? Ok, that’s just crap.

Author — Wf Coaker


Nagualism and the Popol Vue were a belief system that the Mayan used to guide thier souls into the underworld. What connection they had with nature!

Author — From Texas


May be the tomb was for a Egyptian who lived among the Mayans, ancients might of been more connected then we assume they were.

Author — TruthMartyr JosePanduro


'Egyptian style' - you mean 'underground'? Stop with the conspiracy crap, please.

Author — Clayton Adams


Did you notice get the pictures of the Mayans they had dreadlocks

Author — Tyrone Harris


To learn much more about the Maya, the cycle of civilizations, recurring floods, ancient high tech, read the ebook "what I know about Nibiru" Just search for: know nibiru

Author — Ad Roest


Where is the Egyptian Style ? At least Palenque had a sarcophagus....

Author — Rick Echeverria


Fact. The Egyptians were the first sailors.

Author — Iba Saafir


Pure bull. One Mayan pyramid had 9 separate pyramids, all built on top of each other like those Russian dolls. Quite a few if not prob all Mayan pyramids built upon stuctures already there. Many of those structures are Olmec style. Gees, the noted archaeologist FOR BELIZE no less gave a great lecture on all this. ALSO those obsidian blades and whatever the things are that are carved to look like "leaves" and what not. HE FOUND a HUGE one standing like a stele in a Mayan Cave in Belize. It had 9 carved nitches, 9 for the Mayan Underground. Ya know...13 and 9 the Mayan sacred numbers for the underworld and upperworld. I will admit the head facing south is diff. most of the "tombs" I've heard about have the occupant facing east. I'm no expert. I'm just saying, and maybe all this info hadn't been solidified into the rest of info of the area at the time. There was a foreign leader that came from the Olmec land and sort of cross cultured the Maya. His tomb was a small square like building as found in Olmec culture. Then so many built over it until it was the traditional style that we expect to see.

Author — Vonda Hartsock-Oneil


America is Egypt of the WEST!! Just more black history being uncovered..

Author — therealmccoy2004