Fake News: Fact and Fiction - Fake news in the age of coronavirus

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Fake News: Fact and Fiction - Fake news in the age of coronavirus 5

Do you believe everything you see and hear online about the coronavirus pandemic?

With the spread of the virus, being able to spot fake news has become even more important. All kinds of misinformation and theories have been flying around the internet, but how much of it is backed by evidence?

In this special episode of Fake News: Fact and Fiction, we take a look at fake news and Covid-19.

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For instance. BBC is trying to conditioning you to think by their's eyes. Just like others media groups. We must educate ourselves. Forgot the Fact Checking agency.

Author — adof14


There is only one point of view and that's made possible by the word: censorship

Word of the day.

Author — Marco A


Research Agenda 21 it is a published document from the UN.

Research Dr. Thomas Cowman MD.

Author — Mohamed Alajmi


'Practicing', here: social distancing, sounds like 'exercising' to me :). What does it mean in the context you are using it? Like.. putting a recommendation in practice, maybe?! Is the sentence 'we are social distancing' correct too?

Author — Candy Twiggy Twist


Thanks for your lesson.
I have learnt some useful vocabulary for improving my writing skills.

Author — VI價值投資者


If these videos had cations I would watch them every day:)

Author — Not Me


Probably the American pharmaceutical industry was very upset when they found out that the Russians made the vaccine. Broke the whole game

Author — catsapp animation


Thanks for BBC for these useful videos and amazing scripts that we can download to use as teaching materials in classes with students. Besides, they're all true topics that are very close to our life.
I'm going to study TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages this year in the UK. Really hope I can get the chance to work in BBC learning English in the future:)

Author — Aurora Liu


I loved this program can increase my English, and also this program taught me how to learn with British accent

Author — Hermanus Jehadut


debunk - bunkum
spreading of misinformation
to raise a red flag(warning sign)
buy into sth
in terms of stopping

Author — MC K


Very informative . BBC always make outstanding videos. Thanks to BBC and their worker I really love all of you.

Author — imran khan


the virus don't know our colour, religion, nationality.... if it is present near by you it will work
if you're healthy you can defeat

Author — babu skaria


This video has alot of info and clear to me alot fake fact about coronavirus, their method fascinating in reach the knowledge.
I really thank you.

Author — mohammed aboubeida


Thank you Sam and Hugo, you really did a good job! I This video is so interesting that I've enjoyed every minute of it!

Author — Franco Marini


Thanks bbc at information and learn english free

Author — Edu


Content is good
Short title music
No pressure to like & subscribe
I like it

Author — Snowphia Kim


Conspiracy theory
I dont buy it

Author — Thu Nguyễn


Good video. You gave us some clues to keep an eye out on the amongst of misinformation circulating on the internet. Personally, it's not easy for me to deal with people who really believe in conspiracy theories. But I don't know how at least to make them doubt their convincement. Great job, thank you both.

Author — Pedro Petrucci


Fake news and misleading seem very powerful weapons for certain people. A case, it may be any marketing campaign and other case, it may be controlling people operation. Such ways worth executing for masterminds of them because the cost is very low but it effectiveness is extremely high.

Even if any book has false statements and the good-looking beautiful lies propel its sales, nobody seems to criticize the book or author when it becomes clear that its contents are just cheats because anybody will not have interests in them any longer and nobody wants to use their resources to find the truth.

All the masterminds know it.

If the journalism does it, it is great. But I do not know such paper. Each of them has their own ideology and just makes efforts to spread them, saying we are the only paper being worth self-introducing the justice journalism. In addition, the masterminds seem friends or big sponsors for papers in most case.

Maybe any researcher or tiny paper are finding the truth and making efforts to spread them, but the premise, unknown researcher or niche paper, keeps general public from touching or accessing them. Then, the same author or person doing any activity gets popularity by the same style, method or way repeatedly and maybe eternally.

Author — キャプテン・クッキー Captain Cookie


very interesting and informative, thanks so much!🧡

Author — maria c: