I Try Amazon Wigs

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I Try Amazon Wigs 5

"Amazon or not, this is a good a** wig."

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💬 Comments on the video

Girl if you don’t pluck these parts and lay it down w/ some bold hold.... side note krysma makes the best affordable synthetic wigs

Author — Demonia Sangre


Dry shampoo to kill the shine and you're on your way lady <3

Author — MsJdennis12


The pixie wig should be called "Kris Jenner".

Author — Victoria Paige


You were way too nice about that $200 wig. I’d be so mad lol. It’s totally not the same wig in the picture! You got scammed!

Author — Brenna


Whaaa, she looks so good in the long curly pixie! That's not just me, right?
It would've also been interesting to see how the cheapest wig on amazon fares.

Author — Panduh 13ear


May we dub the black wig ‘The Morticia Addams’?

Author — Emski Stay


But, why doesn't Buzzfeed name the products that they try, so that we can use/avoid?

Author — Nevaehs Winglets


The long black wig looked great on her, but home gurl has GOT to learn how to use that lace to her advantage. You don’t just cut it off!

Author — Ssimms 8


7:04 there’s a try guys poster/ framed picture up

Author — ProjectShiroi


“It’s like a beautiful little sack! I like a good little s- nope don’t finish that.” 😂😂

Author — Victoria Skinner


* and human hair wigs potentially have ethical problems & researching which are fine is a pain.

Author — recoil53


Purple wig is my favorite. Looks the best.

Author — Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran


3:00 it looks like Eugene Lee Yang's hair tbh lol

Author — Anna H


I actually REALLY like the black short curly wig

Author — katie thompson


I thought the last wig looked less like a wig than the others. The lavender wig was great. I hope you kept it. 🌻

Author — karenamanda1958


No matter what you wear, Megan, you look beautiful from the inside and out. You have an amazing personality and thus makes you YOU.

Author — Aspie Answers


Omg the pixi haircut looked so good on you

Author — Beddy Tear


You should really try Mykie's wigs from Glam and Gore. I've been wondering what people think of them and how they look on other people. I think all 3 would look great on you!

Author — Maya Rosenberg


I'm not even hating when I say this but with the long dark wig you looked like Jodi Arias. But not crazy like Jodi Arias, like a better Jodi Arias... ok I'm sorry I'll see myself out.

Author — PsychedForLife* Eva


Absolutely loved the purple wig on her!! The purple and the long straight hair were definitely the best in my opinion xxxx

Author — Jayde Hall