Marvel's Avengers Full Leaked Gameplay Demo Footage & Reaction | SDCC 2019

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Marvel's Avengers Full Leaked Gameplay Demo Footage & Reaction | SDCC 2019 4.5
Marvel's Avengers Full Leaked Gameplay Demo Footage & Reaction | SDCC 2019 by Deffinition. I show all the gameplay for Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and how Black Widow Face has been Fixed

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Welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Deffinition aka your friendly neighbourhood spoiler man and it looks like we have footage of the entire demo for the upcoming game Marvel’s Avengers.

The reaction to the game has been mixed to say the least but this first look makes it seem incredible and throughout this video I’ll be showing you the full demo footage from San Diego Comic Con and giving my thoughts on the footage at the end. This goes through about 20 minutes of game play and it covers every character and yeah….it just looks amazing.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want some of the big element of the games demo ruined for you then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, I hope you enjoy it now with that out the way here’s the full footage of the game.

My Thoughts

Ok so that’s everything we have from San Diego Comic Con for the game. I know after the initial trailers release that there was quite a lot of backlash over the game but I actually think it had a lot of potential and after seeing it play out with all it’s gameplay, needless to say I think it looks outstanding. This is everything that I really want from an avengers game and throughout it really feels like there’s a massive sense of momentum to the entire thing.

Another thing that it beautifully does it that it nails all of the different nuances between the characters. Everyone feels like they have a completely different skill set which I definitely think is needed in a title like this. Iron-Man’s gameplay is a complete opposite to Captain Americas but overall they all kinda gel together so well and make you realise why the Avengers are such a powerful team. They have all the bases covered and I think that this demo really showcases that and yeah I’m very very exicted to see how it plays out. If we get a full game of this I think it’ll be amazing and yeah, I couldn’t be happier with the first look.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the demo and if you’re excited for the upcoming game. Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you check out my full breakdown of the deleted scene from Avengers Endgame that showed Thanos killing all of the Avengers in the past before going to 2023 to take on the new team.

I’ll also be covering all of the big news from San Diego Comic Con so make sure you stay locked to the channel for more amazing updates.

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So this is what these guys were up to while Spidey had to deal with the Sinister Six all by himself

Author — Taylor Avalos


I think the Avengers may be one of the most dysfunctional teams ever.

And the gameplay looked very cool!

Author — Kevin Jones


Is it just me, or does Black Widow look 100x better than at E3

Author — TwoKool115


Widow went from Lord Farquaad to gorgeous.

Author — Dipdoopmahgoop


Thor - God of War 2018
Captain America - Batman Arkham Asylum
Iron Man - Kid Icarus
Hulk - Hulk Ultimate Destruction
Black Widow - Uncharted

Author — Holyflame


9:33 When captain america throws his mighty
11:00 Oh hi kamala

Author — clawofthefallen


The gameplay looks cool. If justice league had such a game, that would be awesome too

Author — Kevin Jameson


Just imagine if this would be open world.

Author — deathfromabov804


This game looks great but should’ve been out years ago, so strange.

Author — DHVO


Everyone complaining that the characters don't look or sound like they do in the MCU but I didn't see anyone complaining when Tom Holland wasn't in Spider man PS4

Author — ET5920


Avengers dont kill peop...
Hulk: **grabs enemy and breaks all his bones**

Author — Cat Tro


the way she runs and jumps it reminds me to lara croft’s reboot....even her butt

Author — pain1551


The way Thor plays reminds me of Kratos in “God of War”🤔🤷🏾‍♂️ who agrees?

Author — Shane DaManee


Thor needs more “call the lightning” attacks

Author — Axel Blaze


Everyone that said they wouldn’t play it when they seen it revealed at E3, better not touch this game.

Author — Joshua Whittaker


I’m just glad they made Black Widow look better than she did

Author — FunnyMadd Games


This game is awesome! I've been waiting for this video!

Author — FlickingStuff


How they gonna do my man Hawkeye like this?

Author — MrYutbe57


Black Widow doesn’t look like a dude anymore.

Author — Tony Wizdard


They are risking a lot, if at the end in the game there will be not this kind of gameplay, destruction, interaction with the world, people will fetch developers with torches and pitchforks

Author — Francesco Fioroni